Keywords are used in SEO optimization and in Google Ads advertising. Keywords are a strong link between the searcher and the content of the website. By using keywords that are relevant to your business, you will increase the number of impressions on the search engine result page.

Keyword research is discovering terms and phrases that people use on search engines with the ultimate goal of optimizing the content on your site or blog and ranking for those terms. Well-chosen keywords are the basis of all SEO activities, especially when it comes to on-page SEO. If no one is looking for what you write about, you won’t get traffic through the Google search engine, no matter how high-quality your content is. You can somewhat guess what terms your users use to get to the products or services you offer. However, if you don’t do keyword research, you can’t be sure what those terms are, and you’re bound to miss out on tons of terms you could be ranking well for. Let’s see the best keyword research tools.

Mangools KWFinder

Mangools KW Finder

One of the users’ favorite keyword research tools is Mangools’ KWFinder. It is possible to search keywords, in general, by country and for a specific language. You can start with the original term or the domain for which we are interested in keywords. The Search column indicates how many searches per month on the Google search engine achieve a word on average, and the CPC column is for the average cost of a click. The KD column is an indicator of the weight of the keyword.

Google Keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword planner is part of the Google Ads tool for creating PPC ads. The form of Pay per click advertising allows you to reach a real customer with each click. Google Ads is a platform where you choose the amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad and also choose keywords for which you want your ad to be searched. Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that can show the number of monthly searches, estimate CPC (cost per click), and suggest new keywords. It is an indispensable tool for creating Google Ads advertising, so it can also help in keyword planning for SEO.

Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that allows the user to view the frequency of searches for a specific keyword or phrase. Google Trends does not show the number of searches monthly, but using Google Trends, it is possible to see the seasonality of searches and the relationship between the popularity of keywords in certain areas.


SEM Rush

One of the most used tools in everyday work is SEMrush, where keywords can be searched individually or collectively. SEMrush shows the countries from which the largest number of searches for a given term comes and calculates its Keyword Difficulty factor. When analyzing a domain (for example, a client’s competitor’s website), SEMrush prints a list of all keywords for which the competitor is positioned and in which average position it is. And you can use SEMrush in a free trial version, with a limited number of domains and keywords that you can analyze.

Moz Keyword Explorer

MOZ Keyword Explorer

Moz is one of the better SEO tools out there. In the free version, you can make up to 10 searches per month, which is quite enough for the initial stage of keyword research.

After selecting the location or language, we can view the statistics for a specific keyword, so it is possible to see the number of monthly searches, the weight of the positioning, keyword suggestions, and the appearance of the SERP. Moz is a tool with a pleasant and nice design that allows keyword research in free and paid versions.

Final Words

We believe you can do good keyword research by using these tools. By researching keywords, we will find out what users are searching for on search engines, which terms are used in some industries, and how users search when they have different intentions. So, keyword research is crucial at the very beginning of developing a new website or webshop, since it can give us good ideas about the content of the page – what exactly people expect to find on a website like ours.

Likewise, during keyword research, new ideas for content will emerge that will help the chosen keyword to rank better.