Simple Author Box Pro.

Add a customizable responsive author box anywhere on your site, showing the author name, gravatar, description, and much more.

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Guest Authors

Easily assign posts to guest authors and make contributing easier.

Multiple Authors

Assign posts to multiple authors and properly credit to everyone involved.

Post Type Support

Easily assign author boxes to automatically appear on certain post types.

Fully Customizable

With over 50 options to customize everything, it'll fit your site perfectly.

Simple to Use Features.

Join over 60,000+ people using Simple Author Box.

Simple Author Box ❤️ WordPress

Seamless integration with WordPress ensures simple setup and use.

Guest Authors PRO

Easily assign post to guest authors. Make blogging & contributing easier.

Multiple Authors PRO

Working on a bigger piece with multple authors? Easily give everyone the credit they deserve.

Gutenberg Block PRO

Easily add & edit your author box with the WP Author Box Gutenberg Block.

Link control PRO

Easily adjust how author box links behave by making them open in new tabs or applying the nofollow link attribute.

Post type support PRO

Individually select specific post types where you want your author box to show up.

Friendly & fast help PRO

We're here to make sure you're happy and have a smooth experience.

Color schemes PRO

Easily design an author box that looks exactly how you want it to manually or using one of our professionally-designed templates.

More Widgets PRO

Easily showcase your blog's most popular authors. Encourage and give back to the people who contribute to your blog.

Typography control

Take full control your author box's typography - use any font family or font size you want.

Appearance control

WP Author Box gives you total and complete control of how your author box looks.

Color controls

Take full control of the design of your author box and make it stand out!

Appearance Control.PRO

Fully customize the appearance of your author box. Control margins, padding, layout and more.

Support For Every Social Network.

WP Author Box supports adding any of over 45 social icons to author boxes so following authors and contributors on social networks is extremely easy.

Guest authors.PRO

WP Author Box makes blogging & contributing easier. Easily assign posts to guest authors or one-time contributors without creating an account for them.

Credit Multiple Authors.PRO

Ever worked on a blog post or article with multiple authors? WP Author Box makes it easy to credit everyone involved for their contribution.

Feature Comparison PRO vs Lite.



Typography control Control your author box's typography like font family or font size.
Apperance control Manage the look of your Author Box: margins, paddings & more.
Post type support Select the post types where you want the author box to show up.
Author link control Control how author name links behaves: open in new tab, add nofollow parameter.
Color controls Customize the look of your author box. Make it yours!
Color schemes Easily change your author box's looks with one of the included professionally designed pre-defined color schemes.
Guest Authors Easily assign post to guest authors. Make blogging & contributing easier.
Post co-authors Working on a bigger piece with more colleagues? Get everyone's name listed without an issue.
Popular authors widget Showcase your most popular authors. Give back to the people who contribute to your blog.
Gutenberg Block Add & edit your author box with the new editor for WordPress.
Premium Email Support If something is not working we're always here to help you

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Have an unanswered question? We're happy to help.

What do I need to get started?

To use Simple Author Box on your website, all you need is a self-hosted installation or a website hosted on’s Business Plan.

Is there a free version of Simple Author Box available?

Yes, you can download the free version of Simple Author Box from the plugin repository, here.

Do I need the ability to code to use Simple Author Box?

Of course not! You can make use of our plugin without writing a single line of code. But, if you are a developer and want to customize things even further, we’re definitely not stopping you or standing in your way!

Do you provide support?

Yes. We work extremely hard to provide great support for any issues that you have. So, in the unlikely event that you do run into any issues, let us know!.

What happens after I finish my purchase?

Once your purchase is confirmed, we’ll send you an email confirmation with a link to log into our Member Panel and download your product files in .zip format. If you have questions about your purchase, you can always contact us directly.

I have pre-sale questions, can you help?

Yes, of course! You are welcome to ask us any questions you may have here.

Do I need to renew my license?

The license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. An active license key is needed for access to updates & support. To renew your license, please log into your account.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 7-day refund policy that’s awesome: if for any reason you’re unhappy, get in touch.

Will your products work on my hosting?

We work hard to ensure that our products are compatible on as many systems as possible. If your host supports WordPress, you should be able to use our products. But if you need help, our support team is always available.

What happens after my license key expires?

Don’t worry – you’ll always be able to use the product you purchased. Your product will still function 100% normally – but after your subscription expires, you’ll no longer continue to receive support or product upgrades.

We do offer a discount on renewals if you’d like to continue receiving support and updates.

Easily add powerful author boxes to your WordPress websites in just a few clicks.