Superman and the Hulk are two of the most powerful superheroes in their respective universes — so, it’s only natural that DC and Marvel fans have, for a long time, been wrangling about who would win in a hypothetical fight.

Just search online for Hulk or Superman, and you’ll come across countless speculative scenarios and theoretical play-by-play of their battle.

There, Hulk’s supporters say he has no explicit weaknesses and that his trump card is his ability to become stronger the more he fights. Others, however, see the fight ending quickly, with

Superman simply taking the Hulk into space.

While we may never get to witness a real fight between these two formidable and amazing characters, we can speculate about who’d emerge victorious. So, if we really had to choose a winner, it would be Superman.

There are several reasons for this, which we will explore further in the text.

And, Hulk fans, please don’t be upset – these are just the facts.


#1 It’s in the Comics (Kind of…)

Superman and Hulk have never crossed paths in the comics, but they have both faced adversaries with comparable strength and abilities.

In the World War Hulk comic series, the Green Goliath fought against the Sentry, who is a character with identical powers to Superman.

The battle between the Hulk and the Sentry ended with both reverting to their human forms and sustaining serious injuries.

Ultimately, Bruce Banner managed to land a feeble punch and knock out Sentry’s human form before losing consciousness himself.

#2 Superman Wouldn’t Fight the Hulk

Unlike Hulk, whose power is fueled by anger, Superman relies on logic and good morals. Much so that there might not even be a fight as Superman would probably resort to de-escalating the situation rather than charging into a battle.

Greg Pak, a former writer for several comics featuring Hulk, weighed in on the matter, siding with Superman due to his virtues.

“Superman, being who he is, will not just make his enemy angry. Also, Superman, Clark, would take the time to figure out what’s going on and try to diffuse the situation… So, Clark would win by eventually finding a way to reach the Hulk and diffuse him, and he would turn back into Bruce Banner.”

#3 Superman and Hulk Are Powerful Differently

Another reason why Superman would have the upper hand in a potential battle with Hulk is due to the differing nature of their powers.

Hulk’s strength is mechanical, but Superman’s powers are more telekinetic, as he can move objects using his mind, lift and carry objects without making any physical contact, and defy gravity.

Therefore, even though the Hulk can survive in harsh environments, his abilities cannot match Superman’s mobility and agility.


#4 Hulk’s Inner Battles with Bruce

One man’s weakness is another man’s strength.

The Hulk has a multiple personality disorder, causing frequent clashes between the Hulk and Bruce.

Although their union seems to be the perfect combination — combining Banner’s intelligence, kindness, and reasoning, with the Hulk’s strength and cunningness — it is also a cause of the Hulk’s weakness.

So, if a potential fight were to occur between the two, Bruce might likely choose not to fight Superman. Therefore, Bruce’s reluctance would significantly impact the Hulk’s strength and, ultimately, his chances of winning over Superman.

#5 Hulk’s Powers are Unmatched to Superman’s

Superman possesses a vast array of powers, and very few weaknesses — kryptonite being the only one.

Thus, although Hulk is incredibly powerful and almost invulnerable, his abilities fall short compared to Superman’s.