About Us (or About Me) pages are sections on your website where you get to write about you and your business. Customers often visit these sections to see what your company does and to get to know you better.

In these sections, you can write when you started the company, what makes it unique, and what are your company values. However, an issue arises when you focus solely on you or your company.

How come? Well, you should never write only about your business, industry, or market. Those facts are boring to the customer. Instead, focus more on the reasons that get the customer emotionally involved with your company.

To help you out with that, in this article, we will list a few tips that can help you create a better About Us page and build trust with your customers while showing them why you are the best in what you do.

So let’s get started!

1. Tell a story


By telling a story that is related to some problems and hardships you have encountered as a brand and company helps get your visitors emotionally connected to you.

If you talk about issues and what you have learned from them, as well as the values you care about, it is easier for customers to connect with you based on some shared values or hardships. This will be great for building a relationship with them, as long as you stay true to the words you have written in the About Us section because customers expect what you write there to be true.

You can also include some milestones, such as when you got your first customers or when you made your first 100 sales.

2. Include a value proposition

Let’s say you have decided to have a more lenient return policy than most other companies. Mention that but be sure to mention why you decided to do it. For example, if you have recyclable products or only buy products from organically certified suppliers, say why. Then, explain why this matters to you as a brand and what are some values your care about.

Lastly, be sure to connect all of this to your value proposition. Interconnect these ideas and thoughts into a unique value proposition you can offer to your customers and mention how this benefits them.

3. Show faces

Woman smiling at camera

By including a picture (or multiple pictures) of your company’s employees, you can connect easier to your customers.

Your visitors are naturally drawn to faces and by showing humans behind your brand, business, and goals you connect better with them. Show the human element of your business and help your customers realize that it is still people who stand behind your brand and not just a big corporation that wants their money.

4. Customer acquisition

About Us pages are popular with new visitors. And new visitors are naturally curious and interested to know more.

They like to get to know you and learn about your brand. So if you write a good story, it will be easier for you to acquire new customers, which can be hard and costly in itself. If you really want to stand out, consider being easy to call. By using a call or contact center in the cloud, your business can route calls to recorded answers or any phone.

5. Show what is happening behind the scenes

Office meeting

Show your customers how your product is made and how your administration offices look, or even where you go for lunch breaks.

This can be done with just a few photos of your workspace so customers can see how you work. Also, include a short description so your customers know what they are looking at.

6. Keep it updated

After you have created a great About Us page, don’t forget about it. Occasionally, update it and add some new information that is relevant to your brand.

If you forget about this section for years, it will seem outdated and will make you seem unprofessional and as if you don’t care about your brand at all. This, naturally, defers customers away from you, which is the worst thing that can happen.

So in a nutshell, if you have an old About Us page and your visitors see that, it will be extremely hard to win them back.

7. Call to Action

Man using megaphone

Once your visitors have finished reading your About Us page, tell them what you want them to do, basically create a call to action.

Calls to actions are very important and they help you acquire customers. That is why you need to create a call to action that will get them back to your service/product page or to a form used to sign up for your newsletter.

Trust us, after visitors have read your About Us page, they are engaged and connected to your brand. And you should use this wisely.

8. Make sure it reflects your brand image

An About Us page is a great place to show exactly who you are and where you stand in the world. And the way you create it will determine your brand image and uniqueness.

If you do it correctly it will help set you apart from your competition and highlight the differences between you and your competitors.

Meaning that just by writing about your employees, suppliers, and customers and putting them first, you will set yourself apart from others and will be perceived as a company that values its business and customers.

9. Talk about your customers

Group of people doing handshakes

Stay focused on your customers, even when you think you should write about your business. Use the first few sentences to talk about some problems and obstacles your customers encounter in their lives. Then, connect this to your products and your values.

Basically, say what made you think about these issues and how they affect your customers. This helps you seem like a professional company that really cares about its customers and is doing everything to make their problems go away.

10. Don’t push it

And lastly, don’t use your About Us page to hype up your brand or sell it to customers. Customers will notice this and will simply leave your site out of annoyance.

Bragging is a natural turn off, so be careful how you write and what you write about. Also, don’t use jargon. Instead, write conversationally so that everyone can understand you.


With the help of the above-mentioned tips, we taught you how you can connect better with your audience and show them that you really care about them.

This will allow you to build a relationship with them even before they become your actual customers, so why not give it a go.