When you are exploring new places, Google reviews are a treasure trove of local knowledge that can point you to places and businesses you’ll enjoy more — whether it’s the bakery with the best gluten-free cookies or a nearby restaurant with live music.

With millions of reviews posted by people worldwide every day, Google makes sure the information is relevant and accurate 24 hours a day. Much of the work to prevent inappropriate content is done behind the scenes.

Google has developed strict content policies regarding reviews. They must be based on real-world experiences and prevent irrelevant and offensive comments on Google Business Profiles. As the world evolves, so do policies and protections are also changing. Let’s see how you can aggregate and show Google reviews as stars.

Add Stars

AddStars is a tool that will make you forget about any competition. It comes in a review aggregation package, allowing you to collect your reviews on all platforms and later display them on Google. To be clear, this is not a review platform or review management service.

It exclusively collects reviews left by users on all platforms related to your business. With AddStars, you can collect, organize and merge those reviews. That’s how you get the total score. When you sign up to AddStars, you will receive a free additional license. AddStars has a control panel from which you can do all this work. This is extra helpful because you don’t have to be in multiple places simultaneously.

If you want an additional license, use the coupon. So you will get some extra options not available in the free version. For example, you have full access to white labels on the dashboard. You can also see how reseller licenses work.

You might be wondering why you would need a platform like this. The answer is uncomplicated. It will help you increase productivity and revenue. This is how you can stand out from the competition. Any reviews you collect and the result will be displayed on Google.

Google homepage on iPhone

And is there a better promotion than Google? If you promote yourself on multiple platforms, why not consolidate all those reviews in one place? The overall result will attract a lot of potential clients.

AddStars works without any complications. You need to add your ID to the website. So you won’t need coding, schematics, or prior knowledge. Simple as that. This tool can collect reviews from as many as 12 global platforms. However, that’s not all. The developers of this tool are constantly working on new improvements.

Final Words

Your listing and promotion on Google are crucial. All of us do most of our research on Google, so we always look at the first results.

So try to make your results perfect and unique. If you want to increase productivity and income, then AddStars is the right solution for you. We have listed some characteristics and benefits that this tool can bring you. Feel free to explore further on your own.