Email outreach is the process of getting in touch with your potential clients and contacts through email. The goal is to promote a product or a service that you’re offering since leads are not just going to come knocking at your door having heard of your products or services before. You can also use it to get in touch with influencers that can promote whatever you may be offering.

Outreach tools make this process of getting people acquainted with your products or services much easier and more efficient. They make your communication seem less dull as you are able to use a lot of different templates and customization tools when coming up with campaign material you will send to the people you are trying to reach. The results of your campaign, in the end, will only be as successful as its organization.

Once you have everything in one place from which you can vet a potential contact as well as reach out to them and keep track of how well your campaigns are doing, your job is going to become a whole lot easier and more successful.

So, in the spirit of optimizing your outreach campaigns and potential, let’s take a look at our top picks for tools that will help you do just that.

1. Postaga


Postaga will allow you to achieve your business goals in no time, by helping you reach more contacts and removing outdated manual outreach.

When creating a campaign you can simply choose a keyword and have a certain campaign type ready for you, or you can completely customize it and cater it specifically to your needs. Once you have the first step of your campaign done, Postaga will create a list of potential contacts and websites that are relevant to what you do. After that’s all sorted, building a personalized email sequence becomes easy and efficient.

Postaga will also give you the option to review the successes of your previous campaigns, as well as track the performance of new ones.

FEES: AppSumo is currently offering a special deal on Postaga. To be more specific, they are giving it away for free!

2. Klear


Klear is an outreach tool that specializes in influencer marketing. It helps you find the right people and contacts for your brand. To reach even smaller influencers you can search by topic, location, and a vast array of other custom filters.

A neat feature that Klear offers is called FakeSpot, it is essentially AI that can help you spot fake followers to make sure your influencers of choice will actually add real value.

The analytics dashboard is clear and extremely easy to navigate allowing you to keep track of how every campaign is going and tells you what to improve in the future if you want to do even better. You can also look into the performance of your campaign, influencer by influencer.

FEES: Klear gives you the option to schedule a free demo, however, to check out specific prices for the different levels of service available, will require you to sign up.

3. Meltwater


Meltwater offers multiple services, one of which is a media database and outreach tool.

Just like other outreach tools it helps you find the contacts that you need, catered to your brand and ideas. Once you do find your contacts, communication with them is made easy as you can do it directly through Meltwater.

You can also track your team’s interactions with the media in order to have everything under control and see what’s working and what’s not. On top of that, Meltwater offers you the option to send targeted content to members of the media and see exactly how much they engage with what you have sent.

FEES: Just like Klear, Meltwater offers a free demo of their products, but to see the actual monthly fees you will have to sign up.

4. Mailshake


Mailshake is very easy to use and understand. Once you’ve sent out your campaign to potential contacts you have the option to automatically follow up on it and improve your email outreach in more than one way.

A neat feature of this tool is that it has an integrated phone dialer and you can use it straight from your browser.

Mailshake offers your team weekly live training sessions to make sure you’ll make the most out of what they offer and that you’ll improve your outreach as much as you can. You can also save yourself some time by connecting Mailshake to other apps that you already use since it plays very well with others.

FEES: Mailshake offers two different varieties of their service. Getting just the email outreach tools will cost you $59/mo per user, and the Sales Engagement package with email outreach in it will cost you $99/mo per user.


If you are finally ready to take that next step and make outreach easier for you and your team, pick one of the tools mentioned above and improve your revenue and analytics in just a few easy steps.

Our top pick would definitely be Postaga as it combines the best features of all the tools mentioned, and the best part is that it’s completely free!

So, take your business to the next level and get yourself an outreach tool that fits your needs best.