As an entrepreneur, you must use all the tools and resources available to maximize the performance of your business, perform routine tasks efficiently, manage time more efficiently, etc.

From the variety of applications for iOS and Android, we have singled out a few useful ones that will surely make your work tasks more manageable and your everyday life outside the office. Here are the top six productivity apps you need to start using right now.

1. Todoist


Todoist is a superb task management instrument to utilize if you’re looking for a straightforward way to organize and keep track of your daily to-do list. It allows you to manage and categorize assignments, establish due dates and reminders, calculate your improvement, and communicate with others on assignments.

Other vital features include location-based reminders and prioritizing and tag chores. You can collaborate with up to five individuals per project and manage up to 80 projects with a free account if you’re using Todoist for your to-do list, as well as possibly some shared task lists for your family.

The free account provides a sufficient experience, although it lacks a few things that you may desire, such as reminders, labels, filters, alternative interface color themes, and the ability to comment on tasks and submit files.

2. Forest


Forest is a famous productivity tool that helps individuals overcome their smartphone addiction and manage their time in a fun and enjoyable manner. Users can earn credits by not using their phones and using the credits to plant actual trees worldwide. This app motivates you to put down the phone and focus on your assignment.

Forest’s premise is straightforward: Plant a seed and set a timer when you’re ready to get started. Your tree will grow if you maintain working on the assignment, but it will die if you leave the app for any cause. You will soon be able to grow huge forests. Plus, Trees of the Future has teamed with the app to plant actual trees so that you can assist both Earth and yourself.

3. Be Focused

Be Focused

You can create tasks, set up breaks, and keep track of your progress over a day, week, or custom term. Individual tasks are broken up into defined intervals, separated by short pauses, allowing you to get things done with the Be Focused app. It’s a very efficient technique to stay motivated and focused.

Moreover, this software utilizes the Pomodoro Technique, which incorporates breaking your project up into 25-minute focus sessions followed by five-minute intervals to help you get things done. Users may use the app to manage their responsibilities, including setting work intervals and break durations, which you can even customize, and tracking progress and goals throughout the day or week.

4. Trello


Trello is a graphical teamwork platform that makes organizing and prioritizing projects enjoyable, flexible, and rewarding. A Trello board is a collection of lists with cards attached, each with its own set of sophisticated features and automation.

This productivity app is perfect for maintaining your workflow, mainly if you collaborate with others or share data with customers. In addition, Trello uses an easy-to-use system to help you organize assignments. Smaller tasks can be organized into “cards” and “boards,” which can then be allocated to groups or team members and given a deadline for simple tracking.

5. Toggl Track

Toggl Track

Toggl Track is a timekeeping program that lets you track your daily activities across many platforms, giving you extensive insights and the ability to optimize your workflow by finding areas for improvement. For up to five team members, Toggl is free.

Toggl Measure is a user-friendly service that provides all of the tools you need to track time spent on projects. The simple free version is all you need if you’re an individual who wants to know where your time goes. The pricing starts at $10/user/month if you have a team or need to calculate billable hours.

6. is available for free, but a paid Pro subscription unlocks additional features. It’s accessible as an iPhone app and Android, Web, and Chrome versions. Users on a free plan can only share one task and have restricted options for repeating activities, and location-based reminders are also not available to free users.

With, your account data is securely saved on their hosted servers and is not accessible to unauthorized parties. Also, this app’s host is Amazon Web Services. It is one of the world’s largest hosting platforms various entrepreneurs use, and all information and database transmitted between the client and the server are encrypted.

7. Fyle

Fyle is an expense management software that lets you seamlessly manage your business expenses from a single platform. It simplifies the expense management process by allowing your employees to submit and track their expenses from applications they’d use every day, like Gmail, Slack, or Outlook. Additionally, it also reduces the workload on Finance teams by automatically checking every submitted expense against company policy. 

By keeping you in control of your finances, Fyle ensures that your Financial bottom line is protected and not prone to the perils of remote work. The pricing starts at $4.99/active user/month billed annually. 


In today’s hectic times, organization and productivity are incredibly high on the list of priorities, and these mobile applications can also help you.