Events have always represented one of the key parts of every organization, no matter what job you do or what is your goal, every successful story is launched with events. Managing successful events often is the most important part of your work and more and more people are becoming aware that events are getting important if not crucial for their companies.

If you are launching a new campaign for your business, introducing some new products or you are trying to accomplish particular goals, events are almost in every case an important step towards it, and organizing and managing them is not as simple and easy as it may look.

Event planning meeting

In the last couple of years with the enormous development of technologies and the IT sector, events management and organizing, like many other things, went into a new virtual world where it developed massively through the years. And especially now, when the Covid-19 crisis forced many to work and spend most of their time home, online events got more visitors than ever, often people not so compatible with modern technologies. For all inexperienced users and those not familiar with the broad and often complex virtual world, it is important to have a good and simple start, which is something you get with WordPress.

As always, every successful online story begins with WordPress, this website creation platform is the easiest and most useful platform in existence today and is used by many companies, organizations, and individuals. WordPress offers a broad range of plugins for successful event organization and management that perfectly combine tradition with technology and simplicity with efficiency which is something we all need in this fast and changeable world of internet technology.

Now, we will present the top 7 event calendar plugins for WordPress which you can use to successfully organize your events.

1. Modern Events Calendar

Modern Events Calendar

When you start organizing an event most people find difficulties in bookings, ticketing, calendar coordination, and hosting. This all can lead to one unimaginably stressful experience, and that’s why it is important to have a tool helpful enough to get you through this process stress-free. Exactly that is what you get from the Modern Event Calendar.

With this plugin, you can easily manage all your events and sell tickets on your WordPress site. Even beginners will look like experts in event planning and organizing since it gives users many options using which you can create and publish unlimited events.

This plugin comes with many features that an event organizer might desire like an advanced event repeating system which is especially useful for repeat engagements. It gives you full control over timing with the possibility of creating different start and end times for alternate instances of the same event.

You can use different styles to display every event you create, and the Modern Event Calendar plugin even offers more than 50 kinds of layouts that allow you to match the proper style of your site. For example, you can display your events in a full calendar, list, countdown, carousel, modal single event, and many more forms. Users also can alter the colors for additional customization.

Event display layouts

With Modern Event Calendar, you have an option to completely control the things you want to display on your event page like price, time, maps, etc. You can also include a front-end submission form, which gives your users the ability to add events to your calendar in the form of organizers, so not all of the work needs to be on you every time.

The booking system is super easy to use especially knowing that it gives you the opportunity to sell tickets online from your site which is particularly amazing if you are a ticket seller and need a way to avoid linking to other ticketing sites. No matter what the event type is, your clients can book tickets at any time, given that there are still tickets left for every session.

The Modern Event Calendar also comes in a pro version, which provides additional features for a reasonable price. It is important to have in mind though that the free version is enough for your projects if you are starting with the basics of event management. However, the pro version enlists additional features like reminders, location, directions, ticketing system, weather module, online booking system, etc.

Another important characteristic is also the possibility for clients to make bookings from any electronic device without any problems. And all in all, with its many features, Modern Event Calendar allows you to focus your energy completely on a product or things you want to achieve and not solely on a process of organizing and managing an event itself.

2. Events Manager

Events Manager

Events Manager is another great WordPress plugin that has been constantly updated and is currently on its fifth version with many new and simple features with the sole function of helping you to add an events calendar to your WordPress website more easily. Also, one important feature of this plugin is that you can create recurring events that can save you a huge amount of time.

Among other features is the possibility of enabling user activity feeds, discussion areas, etc. It is also possible to combine Events Manager with many other plugins for better user experience and the improvement of the event calendar’s visual appearance.

With Events Manager you are able to create as many venues as you want or need which can then be assigned for other events in the future together with many more options and features. Events Manager also provides a pro version mostly for professionals and users in need of more features and possibilities.

3. My Calendar

My Calendar

Next in line of great event calendar plugins is My Calendar. Especially good when you need to organize different meetups, conferences, and shows, or any other type of event.

This plugin offers many ways to display your events. Also, every event in your calendar has its own date, time and it gives you the possibility to manage if the event is going to be a one-time event or a recurring one.

If you are facing a busy calendar you have the option to create event groups that give you the ability to assign multiple events to them and edit those events simultaneously which could save you a huge amount of time.

My Calendar provides plenty of widgets you can use, and there is an option to display a mini-calendar or a list of upcoming events on your website. Like other plugins, My Calendar also offers a pro version with additional features, and by installing the My Tickets plugin alongside it you can enable event ticketing.

4. EventON


EventON is a beautifully designed and useful event calendar. This plugin goes with the newest trends and designs in the IT industry. It also comes with more than 200 features using which you are able to customize your events with images, maps, icons, and a broad range of colors.

Thanks to its simple and refreshing design users will be able to adapt and learn quickly how to use this plugin. Plus, EventON offers various calendar designs, the ability to customize repeating events, and many more features that make EventON easy to use and effective.

5. Eventer


Eventer is yet another awesome WordPress plugin that is easy to learn and has every feature you need for your event management. With this plugin, your visitor can easily register for events online and for every event, you can create different ticket types.

You have an option to decide which type of PayPal payment will be used, online, or offline. And other features include a full-width calendar with multiple views, list styles, grid views, bookings, upcoming event countdown, additional services, etc.

6. All-in-One Event Calendar

All in one event calendar

This event calendar plugin for WordPress is a powerful one and easy to use especially for beginners. With this plugin adding events and sorting them into categories or tags is a piece of cake. It combines clean visual design with many useful features helping you to create a great calendar system.

You can choose three main builds in themes for the calendar display. Also, there is a possibility to display event venues via Google Maps along with your event details.

It is important to note that there are no ticket selling integrations but there is an option to add URLs of third-party ticketing services.

7. Amelia


And last but not least Amelia is another great and simple WordPress plugin that will help you to handle event bookings and appointments. With Amelia, you can create a simple events calendar that easy to use and manage.

As with other plugins, events can be organized as one-time events, single-day, multi-day or recurring events. It also gives you the ability to select customers who will be attending events as well as the start and end times of all events.

Amelia has a modern design and offers a great booking experience especially for beginners. Also in the pro version, you can unlock many features that give you options like exporting, filters, coupons, different group services, Google Calendar integration as well as other additional views.

With the pro version, you can accept PayPal and Stripe payments for your bookings.


Events planning, management, and organization are often a stressful job, taking up a lot of time which you could use for something more productive. That is the reason why it is crucial to have an efficient yet simple plugin to help you out. This is something you get with the plugins listed above thanks to their design and simplicity.

The developers did an amazing job with plugins like Modern Events Calendar, finding a good way to make things easier for everyone but still save a significant amount of time on events planning and management. At the end of the day, time is the most valuable thing you have while in the process of accomplishing your dreams.