A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps a million in this age.

Because of decreasing attention spans coupled with a dynamic marketing environment, brands need a logo to speak for them. An engaging logo narrates your brand story and builds a perception around it.

Designing a logo is a tough row to hoe. Yet, once you develop an ingenious logo design, it brings a massive load of perks to your doorstep.

Some of the household names have iconic logos. Take McDonald’s, for instance. The two yellow arches with a red background are instantly recognizable. A study published in the Psychology and Marketing journal reported that children as young as four could identify McDonald’s’ logo.

It isn’t only about the food brands. This study also discovered children having instant recognition of Toyota and Shell.

A logo is one of the most valuable branding investments a business can make.

Why you need a distinct logo design?

Team looking at logo design templates

Let’s say the logo is the face of a company. It is the first point of interaction with the prospects. Instead of taking it as a mere image, consider it as the business foundation.

A well-crafted logo serves as the visual cornerstone of your brand identity, communicating your values and distinguishing you from competitors. Entrusting the creation of your logo to a reputable brand identity design agency ensures that every element speaks volumes about your brand’s essence and resonates with your target audience.

Following are some more benefits of having a logo that speaks for your brand:

It creates a fantastic first impression

Customers make snap judgments about brands today, and that’s why you need a visual storytelling website. They see your brand logo and decide whether it deserves their trust or not. Like judging a book by its cover, customers judge your brand by its logo.

Eyetracking studies show that most site users spend over 6 seconds glancing at the logo before moving to other content. The style, font, size, and color say a lot about your product/service quality.

A study conducted by the Helsinki Institute of Information Technology revealed that people who had a positive first impression of a business are more willing to cut them slack when a product/service is not up to the mark. Hence, having a fantastic logo is vital for every business.

To make it work, the graphic designers on your team must understand marketing psychology. All elements of the design must create a striking combo to give your logo the edge it needs. It is better to have a professional team like logo design valley to make the cut.

It differentiates you from others

Logos have a deep symbolic association connected to people’s emotions. It tells your target market why they must go for you.

There are thousands of logos out there. These designs engage the crowd and convey your message to them. It is vital to make sure what you say through these makes you stand apart from the lot.

Woman pointing at fonts

A logo communicates everything from the background of a company to the mission it stands for.

Consider it an iconic pictorial representation of the brand. This will help you to project a cohesive web presence and align with your corporate graphic guidelines. An amateur design reduces your perception in the market.

It makes your company a memorable one

Every marketing decision made by a company aims to communicate its values and ideas to the people. Coming up with a good logo is one strategy to achieve this goal.

Recent research shows that people are not good at memorizing logos. Even the undisputed market leaders like Burger King and Apple had to go through several transitions to reach a point of memorization.

The main takeaway from this research is that if you want people to remember your logo, you must make it simple. This is why international brands often rely on psychological aspects of logo design to make sure they send the right message.

When a customer hears your brand name, they should conjure up a mental image of your logo. It can help customers to locate your business in the crowd. According to Sprout Social, 57% of consumers say they will up their spending with a brand they feel connected to.

So, make sure you craft a logo that sticks in people’s minds.

It projects a professional image

A logo is a stamp to identify your business. It must look professional to tell prospects how you value consistency and precision. There are many logo designs, and a professional design team can lead you in the right direction.

Let’s take a quick look at Nike, for instance. The swoosh is merely a tick. But the connection we have with this symbol has everything to do with the company’s vision of making the world a better place for athletes. The logo empowers Nike to thrive in the sports world.

Nike logo vs brand differences

Source: JUST Creative

It is highly integral for entrepreneurs to have a proficient design team on board. They study your business goals and come up with a professional logo for your business. They will use specialized tools to develop a logo that speaks for your company.

According to Study Finds (2020), 60% of consumers avoid brands with unattractive, odd, or unappealing logo designs. Designing a logo is, therefore, a vital component of the overall branding process.

It helps to market your brand across all media

If your business is growing, you might feel the urge to expand through different mediums. This could cover mediums from print to digital, from corporate gifts to freebies.

This often requires using different types and sizes of the logo. The color requirements are pretty specific, and printing/designing companies may ask you for various layouts. You need a responsive logo design to befit each platform.

Instagram logo on phone

As per the Content Marketing Institute, 77% of marketing leaders say a strong brand is critical to their growth plans. One aspect of this growth is to branch out in different channels. A professional logo will have an iconic image with customized variations. It enables you to promote your brand on virtually every surface.

The idea is to have a go-to design in an appropriate format and a high resolution for different platforms. Slowmotion sets a fantastic example in this regard using a snail-and-film reel silhouette. The symbol goes perfectly on various media platforms, evoking black and white movies.

It maximizes the return on investment

Spending on hiring a logo design team might seem like an unnecessary expenditure. This is particularly true if you are a small company that has just initiated. However, it is a worthy investment to set your reputation in the crowded market.

Accenture’s logo, which covered the rebranding procedures, cost $100 million. (Time, 2010) The company didn’t hesitate to invest a massive sum as they knew this logo would become the face of their venture.

As your reputation expands in the industry, customers will trust you and the products/services you offer. The hefty investment is worthy when you win such credibility from potential customers.

Over to you

We love this logo design by Pause.

Pause logo

Source: Visme

It uses a visual pun to strike the audience. There is an actual paw to represent an unexpected yet refreshing idea.

To sum it up, the logo is an indispensable part of every brand. It defines the success and reputation you have in the industry. We hope you agree with all the benefits of a brand logo mentioned above. Let us know how you plan to proceed with your logo designing process. Perhaps we could help you sort out the issues you are facing!