Everyone who starts an online business needs a good website. And besides good design and plenty of features, each site needs a stable and quality web hosting service. This is often a key part of every successful business, especially if your work depends completely on your site. That is why you need to find a reliable hosting company with large and stable servers to which you can upload your site, making it accessible to all people browsing the internet.

Unfortunately, you will often have many problems while searching for a good hosting company. The reason for this is that not every hosting company can provide good performance for your website at a low cost. But one company does exactly that, and its name is HostArmada.


This is a new hosting company that started its operations in 2019, but soon became popular thanks to its many users and their positive feedback. HostArmada offers many good solutions to its users. Plus, it is fast, has reliable uptime, as well as effective support.

With this hosting service, you can count on a wide range of web hosting solutions, some of which include SSD shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud-based SSD VPS hosting, open-source hosting, development hosting, and so on.

Generally speaking, HostArmada offers everything you need in one service provider, a perfect combination of good marketing practices, reliable performance, updated technologies, and excellent customer support. Not to forget that its services are completely affordable.

In this article, we will go through all HostArmada services, pricing plans, hosting options, and all of its important features, just to make everything clear to you before you purchase it.

Hosting Types

There are multiple different types of hosting you can find on HostArmada:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • SSD Shared Hosting on the Cloud
  • SSP VPS Hosting on the Cloud
  • Dedicated CPU Server Hosting
  • Opensource Hosting
  • Development Hosting

WordPress Hosting

HostArmada WP hosting

WordPress Hosting is fast, and without any doubt, your WP site will be secured with it. One of the benefits you get when using HostArmada WP Hosting is a lower number of clients per server, meaning there is no fear of overcrowding which can lead to poor performance and directly affect your business.

Other benefits include Cloud SSD Technology for 99.9% uptime, which means there are no hardware failures. Next, you get full technology support 24/7, which is completely human-powered making your site fast and secure. Also, all website transfer template or module installations together with other issues are under control.

SSD Shared Hosting on the Cloud

HostArmada shared hosting

Managed Cloud SSD Shared Hosting is full of amazing features created with attention to detail. Open-source applications are definitely one of the best ways to create an amazing and functional website at a small cost or no cost at all.

As for SSD cloud storage, HostArmada is using the best storage capacities in this class. They use SSDs combined with the battery-powered RAID controllers, crating complete data integrity for all users.

Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting

HostArmada cloud VPS hosting benefits

Managed Cloud SSD VPS Hosting allows unlimited control and redundant cloud powering, making this type of hosting a great solution if your business is a relatively new and fast-expanding one.

One important benefit here is that you get full ROOT-level access on-demand, in other words, you are given complete control because of on-demand granted access for the root user of the operating system.

Dedicated CPU Cloud Server Hosting

HostArmada dedicated hosting

Dedicated CPU Cloud Server Hosting is based on a redundant cloud SSD platform, creating unlimited website performance. And just like with the previous hosting type, here you also get full control with ROOT access, as well as HostArmada SSD Technology for faster websites.

The Opensource and Development Hosting types can take your site to an optimum level, especially if you are just getting started, and if you are in the process of developing your site. 


Speed is probably the most important aspect of a website. Maintaining it is not easy and many web hosting companies are not successful at this task. Having a fast-loading website means that you get a better SEO ranking on your Google speed test. Also, you can count on more conversions, meaning there is a potential for more visitors browsing your site, thanks to its speed.

HostArmada speed specs

One important benefit is that visitors, in general, will spend more time on every page. Also, when you have a fast-loading website, the user bounce rate gets reduced, resulting in more page views.

HostArmada creators managed to build two separate server setups, each offering distinct services. It is up to the clients to choose which server setup they need, based on their preferences and needs.

Another aspect that influences the speed of your site is the type of your web server. HostArmada developed their servers on two types of technology: LiteSpeed and NGINX, which are the two fastest and most stable web server types that exist. There are some differences between them, but in general, they reduce website response time, secure small server load, and create conditions for the increase of traffic on your website.

In general, LiteSpeed has some small advantages when compared to NGINX, but you can count on both doing their job well.

Another impressive thing about HostArmada is that they offer nine data center locations across four continents. These locations are Newark, Dallas, Fremont, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Singapore, and Sydney. This means that you are able to deploy your site as close as possible to your target audience, thus creating conditions for better performance of your site and faster server response time.

HostArmada datacenters


You will be surprised when you hear how much attention HostArmada creators have put into security. They created one amazing security system that covers all possible loopholes, with constant monitoring of the entire environment.

One of the best benefits provided by HostArmada security solutions is fast patching, meaning that this system will patch any security vulnerability as soon as reports about potential threats emerge.

HostArmada security benefits

Next, you can count on daily backups, and you are provided with user account isolation, preventing the users of HostArmada Shared Hosting plans from interacting with each other.

HostArmada wanted to provide an all-around security solution for their users, and to do that they divided their security tools into two fleets: Web Server Security Fleet and Environment Security Fleet.

HostArmada security aspects

The Web Server Security Fleet is tasked with taking care of each and every security aspect of HostArmada web servers. This includes surveilling the web traffic to all shared web hosting servers to identify and deny incoming attacks.

The Environment Security Fleet focuses on identifying and removing all existing security threats across all HostArmada servers. This includes protecting all users from common code-injected exploits and regularly performing malware scans for all potential threats. Most importantly, this type of security will prevent malware from spreading across all client accounts.

Technical Support

This is truly one amazing aspect of this company’s services making them somewhat unique. When using HostArmada services, you can count on 24/7/365 technical support, with an incredible, within-10-minutes, first reply time. Plus, you get helpful and detailed replies with concrete information.

HostArmada support benefits

There is an up to 99% Support Case Resolution rate thanks to the professional and experienced technical support team. The support team is available via ticket, chat, and phone. Users usually use phone and chat for general and small technical difficulties. While the ticketing system is a place where users query for bigger and complicated technical problems that take a lot of time to be resolved, usually by the senior team.

Pricing Plans

Since now you are familiar with all the amazing and important features of HostArmada, it is time to see the pricing plans, and to find out what option suits you the best.

There are three shared hosting packages, all designed according to your needs and your type of site. These are called Start Dock, Web Warp, and Speed Reaper.

HostArmada shared hosting plans

And for VPS hosting, you can count on four pricing packages: Web Shuttle, Web Voyager, Web Raider, and Site Carrier.

HostArmada VPS hosting plans


Now that we went through all the features, prices, and other important aspects of this hosting company you can see how much amazing work and effort is invested in HostArmada. For a very young hosting company, this is already huge and we are sure that more new things are in the process of implementation.

Having a good hosting company means that you can fully focus on your work, and not worry about any potential problems that could jeopardize what you have going on. And you can be sure that when using HostArmada services, you are in good hands, and your work, career, and future are secured.