The websites with high-performance characteristics are definitely winning in the battle for online visibility and popularity. Businesses try to stand out among competitors with the best products/services, catchy content, and awesome design, but very often we forget about the choice of the right server. This factor is probably the most underestimated and we will talk here about the selection of the server based on the performance characteristics of the website. If you want additional information about the hosting solutions or check the current prices you can review


The major factors to consider before the choice of the web server

Probably the most important aspect when you are searching for a web server is its size. The determination of the right size can be a challenging task so here are a couple of criteria that you should pay attention to:

–        Volume of traffic. To evaluate the approximate traffic, it is important to take into consideration the peak volumes, potential growth of your project, and all the other information that you might have regarding the volumes of traffic. For sites that have high volumes of traffic, it is crucial to select servers with proper bandwidth, RAM, and processing capabilities.

–        Scalability. Plan the potential growth of the online platform, it may be connected with future content or increased traffic activity. Once you have a clear understanding of what to expect, you can select a web server according to your needs.

–        Security. The chosen server should have the required resources for firewalls, updates, security protocols, and also encryptions. High-security standards will not only protect your sensitive data but will influence the feedback from the clients.

–        Configurations and specifications. Another important factor in the choice of the ideal web server is technical characteristics such as storage, CPU, bandwidth limitations, RAM, and also network capabilities.

–        Budget. The best thing about the web server search is that you can find a perfect balance between the price and required technical characteristics. There are lots of web providers so any client can select something within the needed budget frame.

–        Support. Professional support assistance is important for all clients. So, in case of some technical issues, downtime, or other troubles everything can be quickly figured out and fixed.

How do you select the size of the server?

Servers with extensive resources are always pricy and don’t suit every project. That’s why, ideally you’d better calculate the perfect size of the web server rather than overpay for unnecessary resources.

To get an exact number, you can use tools to analyze the size of the web pages. The most popular option is GTMetrix, through such a service you can distinguish the average size of the website pages. After that review your statistics on the WP or Google Analytics where you can check the total number of views per month. Once you have gotten the needed data, you will need to multiply it. The formula consists of the average page size in KB multiplied by the number of page views per month and you will get the needed bandwidth. Then you may convert this number in KB to GB or MB.

Now let’s proceed to the calculation of the server storage that your website requires for the proper functioning. To figure out the needed storage, you can start by reviewing the current usage. Enter the WP admin panel and press “site health”. This will show you the complete information about the usage of storage space once you understand the total size and can add a couple of figures depending on the potential growth perspectives. For calculating the growth potential of your website, try to analyze the average data increase during a certain period and that will show you where to start from.

What type of server do you need?

Once you have calculated the needed storage and bandwidth characteristics, it is important to select the type of server that your business requires. Most of the web hosting providers have such options as:

–        VPS. The type has more customization when compared with the shared hosting solution. Moreover, users have more memory, bandwidth, CPU, and disk space.

–        Shared hosting. This package offers resources on the physical server that is shared among a couple of users. The variant is considered to be the cheapest option because the activities of your neighbors can directly influence the performance characteristics.

–     A dedicated server is the most expensive variant because one physical server is utilized by one user. There are more hardware components and high customizations than in all the above-discussed variants. That’s why huge corporations and e-commerce platforms will definitely benefit from the performance characteristics of the dedicated server.


Summing up

The choice of the server depends on a variety of factors such as budget, storage, bandwidth, type of server, and more. All the crucial factors should be considered when searching for the ideal server for your business needs.