Before beginning your search for a Shopify agency, it’s essential to clearly define your ecommerce objectives. Are you aiming to launch a brand-new online store, revamp an existing one, or expand into new markets?  The agency’s experts customize your online store’s appearance to align with your brand’s style and needs. If you need to incorporate features such as seamless payment options and efficient inventory management they will manage it easily. They also optimize your store for better search engine visibility. The agency’s digital team is well aware how further enhance your reach by running ads and promoting your store on social media to attract more customers.

Shopify store

Let’s define what core factors to consider when choosing a Shopify agency that best fits your goals.

Start with expertise and experience

When selecting a Shopify agency, checking their proficiency and track record will be the first step. Pay more attention to agencies with a proven history of successful Shopify projects and a thorough grasp of its features. An experienced agency adept at building, customizing, and optimizing Shopify stores will be well-equipped to fulfill your business needs.

Explore client testimonials and case studies provided by the Shopify agency. Also, check their online reputation and learn reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, Goodfirms, Clutch, Upwork and social media. Consider both positive and negative feedback.

Visit the agency’s website to read client testimonials, offering insights into their strengths and the feedback they typically receive. Try to speak to their past clients directly is possible.

More services – more proficency

When assessing a Shopify agency, consider the range of services they can offer. Usually a proficient Shopify company will provide various services including design, development, catalog management, integrations, marketing, and strategy. Check if they provide custom theme development, can offer tailored browsing experiences and seamless marketing integrations, and support digital transformation. A reliable Shopify partner will cater to businesses at any stage, from startups to large enterprises. Ensure the agency can satisfy your specific needs and deliver the services essential for achieving your objectives.

Check if they ensure legal compliance

Ecommerce sites must adhere to legal standards like GDPR, COPPA, and PCI DSS. Confirm that the agency understands and implements these regulations.

Consider these legal aspects:

  • GDPR Compliance: For EU operations, discuss their GDPR approach, covering data protection and user consent.
  • COPPA Compliance: If targeting children, ensure they comply with COPPA rules on personal data collection from minors.
  • PCI DSS Compliance: For credit card handling, verify their adherence to PCI DSS guidelines for secure payments. Non-compliance can lead to legal consequences and harm your brand’s image.

Assess testing and quality assurance strategies

Thorough testing and quality assurance play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless performance of your ecommerce platform without bugs or glitches. It’s vital to delve into the testing methodologies employed by the agency and their approach to resolving any issues encountered during the testing phase. Here are key areas to consider regarding testing and quality assurance:

  • Quality assurance testing: Gain insights into their quality assurance protocols, which may encompass manual testing, automated testing, and ongoing monitoring to maintain standards.
  • User acceptance testing (UAT): Discuss their UAT strategies to guarantee that the website meets user expectations and functions seamlessly from a user perspective.
  • Bug identification and resolution: Understand their tactics for pinpointing and rectifying bugs during testing and post-launch, ensuring a smooth user experience and averting potential financial setbacks stemming from technical glitches.

Discuss collaboration models

Shopify agencies like DigitalSuits typically offer various collaboration models to cater to businesses of various sizes and levels of in-house expertise, aiding them in achieving their product objectives. There are different options like fixed cost, time-and-material, and dedicated team – to identify the most suitable one for your project scope and budget.

Selecting the right Shopify agency is crucial for getting highly collaborative environment that meets your expectations and lets you reach your desired goals. A skilled Shopigy agency can provide strategic guidance and ongoing support to help your business adapt and grow.