A long time ago, people would build websites only if they were involved in a big and serious business. Local and medium-sized businesses never used to have their websites. Nowadays, there is a considerable shift in the market; so, if you plan on having a profitable business, it is a must to own a unique and well-designed website.

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Due to massive growth in all areas, you always have to be one step ahead of your “opponents.” Websites have become the best and most effective tool to promote your business and increase your sales. Thanks to WordPress, all people have been enabled to make their brand-new websites for their businesses without prior knowledge about programming and design.

Besides owning a vast database of free & paid plugins that you can install and use in your website, WordPress also provides you with thousands of free and premium themes that you can get and integrate with WordPress. This article specifically gives you a few tips and notes on what you should pay attention to when you are looking for a WP theme for your coffee shop.


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One of the first things I recommend when choosing a good WP theme for café bars is to see if it has support for drag and drop builder, especially this can be very handy if you are a complete beginner. It will allow you to design and build your homepage and other pages and position everything precisely as you wanted without messing with a single line of code.

Next, since it is a coffee shop, you should check if the particular theme has a unique page for the menu so that your customers can easily see what kind of items you are offering them. It is a great way to have all your items in the same place, and any future changes to the menu, you can add those new items to the list, which will look organized and clean.

Your clients will always have a unique and complete list of the items that you currently offer. Also, you should not forget about adding a small widget (preferably in the footer), which will inform visitors about the business hours of the coffee shop so that they know when they can visit it.

If the coffee shop is not quite easily findable, you should add a location map pointing to the same street and the street number where your café bar is located. Having a few photos of the interior and exterior of the coffee shop is also an excellent way to promote and attract people to come and check out the menu. Ultimately, choosing the suitable WP theme, you should always compare prices between the themes and see which option is the most economical.


1. Barista


Barista is a modern and flexible WP theme specifically designed for coffee shops. You can choose from nine uniquely designed homepages, and all the customizations can be done through WPBakery Page Builder. This theme has support for bookings, where visitors can make reservations on your website.

Moreover, you can create a menu for your coffee shop and display it to the visitors with full support for WooCommerce, which allows you to process orders online. Finally, a regular license with six-month support will cost you $69.

2. Montmartre


Montmartre is another coffee shop-related WP theme with a similar set of features offering you the previous one. You can create a menu, sell food & drinks online via WooCommerce support, add animations, etc. Everything is SEO optimized and responsive with a drag-and-drop way of building pages.

Plus, the Montmartre theme is relatively cheaper compared to Barista, and it will cost you only $49. If you are on a smaller budget, this theme might be a better option for you.

4. Corretto


Based on the look – very similar to Barista, Corretto is a WP theme that can build websites for a coffee shop or restaurants. It also has the same price ($69) as the mentioned theme, but it offers some more features by default.

With this theme, besides creating a menu or making reservations, there is a section for displaying business hours, including a map showing the exact location where your coffee shop is.


This article listed the three most exciting and good-looking WordPress themes that you can use if your business is oriented towards coffee shops, bars, or restaurants. All these three themes are beginner-friendly, and customizations are done through a drag and drop system.

Picking any of them will give you a good base with a set of features that will surely satisfy your needs. The only noticeable difference is the price, so you should probably go for the Montmartre theme if budget is your biggest problem.