Pinterest is not just a social media site with a plethora of inspiration boards filled with Harry Styles fan pics and costumes for dogs (though we’re not unhappy about anything, and we can’t overstate this enough). It’s also a chance to earn some serious money.

With 416 million active worldwide users each month and over 200 billion saved pins as of today, the potential for revenue is indisputable. For influencers and companies who want to make money from the value of their Pinterest channel, follow this guide for strategies that are guaranteed to make money that you can begin implementing now.

The success of a Pinterest strategy requires only a little planning. The first step is to sign up to create an account on Pinterest account for business. Consider how you can send other pinners to your website or another site where you can earn money.

Be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

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Pinterest virtual assistants manage the account for users of other reports. You can make pins, promote them and create the content for brands.

If you’re interested in earning money as a Pinterest VA, create your account to showcase your skills. You can then promote your services on your website or reach out to your preferred brands to provide your services.

Make Sure to Include Affiliate Links in Pins

Pinterest affiliate marketing is the process of creating pins with an affiliate link that directs users to related products or services. When a person clicks the link on the pin you’ve made, they’ll get redirected to a website where they can buy.

If they decide to purchase, you get a commission from every sale. Join as an affiliate partner with your preferred brands, and then sprinkle affiliate links in conjunction with other valuable information to your readers.

Partnership with Brands

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You can also collaborate with brands to advertise their services or products for buyable pins. This method generally requires plenty of followers and visitors to your posts.

To make money from Pinterest using this method, make rates that you’ll be charging brands for single pins and other content.

Services Offered by Pinterest Consulting Services

If you’ve had experience creating your own effective Pinterest strategy, you might consider offering Pinterest consultation services for other brands.

The first step is to prove your capability to promote your website with Pinterest’s visual search engines. Market your site to the other Pinterest users looking to earn money through the Pinterest strategies.

Bring Traffic to Your eCommerce Site

If you are selling physical items, Pinterest can be an ideal way to generate more sales. Make pins that feature photos as well as links to your product. These pins could increase your brand’s profile and draw customers interested in visiting your website.

Bring Traffic to Your Blog

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Similar to bloggers, bloggers can also use Pinterest to increase traffic. This boosts bloggers’ earnings when you use ads or affiliate hyperlinks to improve the value of your blog.

The more people you attract through Pinterest, the greater the chance of having a successful and profitable blog.

Sell Pinterest Templates

Many Pinterest users depend on the site to drive customers to their website’s content or products. Certain design elements and images tend to do well on the platform. For instance, many appealing pins contain an image with text on it.

The templates you create may have the basic layout of these images, and your customers can include their pictures and headlines.

Teach Pinterest Marketing

If you’re an experienced Pinterest expert, you can teach your techniques to other business owners for payment. Start your site and make an online course that includes a variety of methods.

You could even integrate it with information about different social media sites or marketing strategies.

How to Earn More Money From Your Business Pinterest Account


Once you’ve determined how to earn money from Pinterest by implementing your strategy, your work isn’t finished. You must create regular content and promote your pins frequently, and these tips can help you reach out to more people and consequently earn more cash.

Find Your Niche

A targeted Pinterest account is more likely to draw loyal followers. For instance, you could concentrate on DIY items, fashion, or even home decor. Conduct some keyword research to determine the most relevant keywords to include

Complete Your Pinterest Profile

If you sign up to create an account on the Pinterest company account, you can design your name, description, and hyperlinks. The reports should be relevant to your keywords to attract followers who are relevant to you.

For example, beginner blogger could describe their blog journey in their description to draw other bloggers who are similar to them.

Enhance Pinterest’s SEO

Pinterest users typically look for content using Google and Pinterest’s Pinterest Search bar. Make sure to include relevant keywords on your profile and in each pin’s description. Check out popular content in your field for inspiration.

Research Your Target Audience

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The audience you are targeting can affect how you promote your content to visitors to your site. For instance, you can make your content more appealing to professionals, stay-at-home moms, or new homeowners.

Take a look at your blog’s area or the characteristics of your current clients to narrow the focus.

Get More Followers on Pinterest

Using Pinterest isn’t like other social media platforms that only depend on followers for traffic.

However, the more significant number of followers you have, the more likely people will stumble upon your posts. Get more followers by connecting with other users and linking them to your account.

Join Group Boards

Pinterest also has group boards, where several Pinterest account owners can share content. Many of them have plenty of followers because of the consistency of their content. Join a few in your niche to expand your reach.

Sign up for an Affiliate Program

If you’re hoping to earn money from Pinterest by using Affiliate marketing, you’ll need to have your unique affiliate link. Websites such as Amazon, RewardStyle, and ShareASale are all open to influencers from the internet to post their referral link on their pins.

Research Pinterest Analytics

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Once you have your personal Pinterest account, Monitor your stats to determine which ones work best. If a particular kind of pin is consistently better than other types, concentrate on that type of content in the future.

Create Your Website

Your website could make you money by selling digital or physical goods, and you can also earn money by advertising or through an affiliate connection. Additionally, Pinterest is a tool for free that can help drive traffic.

Promote Pins on other Social Media Sites

If you already have lots number of fans on different social media platforms, make use of these on Pinterest as well. Add your account’s URL or individual boards or pins frequently to boost followers and engage.


It doesn’t take millions of followers to earn money through Pinterest. Anyone who has affiliate links on their pins or sells products on their site can make money online with the strategies previously mentioned. However, the amount you earn will be determined by the engagement of your followers and followers.

People with at least a few thousand followers are more likely to make affiliate earnings and have enough social capital to form partnerships with companies. As with every social media platform, quality content is the factor in success, so ensure you’re making pins with a sense of pride.