With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook (now known as Meta) is a great way to expand your business and get new sales using Meta Ads.

Meta Ads are easy to create, and you can measure them using valuable insights and metrics. With different Meta tools, you can better understand your ads and their results.

However, did you know that 95% of businesses confess to “spying on” their competitors by looking at their social media accounts? So, even the slightest advantage can help when it comes to ads.

Hence, if you want to be better than your competitors, use Meta Ads Library.

Meta Ad Library Explained

Meta ads library explained

Meta Ad Library is a free public database on which you can search all the active advertisements on all of Meta’s platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

It was launched in 2016 to provide full transparency of all ads available on Meta’s platforms published in the last seven years.

Why Use Meta Ad Library

Why use meta ads library

As transparency has become available, many marketers used the Meta Ads Library as a competitor analysis tool.

To run a successful ad campaign, you need a solid strategy to outperform your competitors. Using competitive analysis, you can implement different ideas into your Meta Ads and get great insight.

Using the extracted data from Meta Ads Library, you can analyze your competitor’s ads to your advantage to see what works and doesn’t.

Meta Ads Library assists you with the following:

  • Setting the correct ads’ budget
  • Improving your targeting by analyzing your competitors’ audience
  • Creating more suitable and appealing ads
  • Discovering the best content that appeals to your audience

How Can You Use Meta Ads Library

How can you use meta ads library

First,  access your Meta Ads Library by going to facebook.com/ads/library.

Next, choose your location and ad category in the “Search Ads” section and then search by relevant keyword.

Use Keywords Relevant to Your Niche

Let’s say you are a marketer trying to find ads related to your niche and business, in this case, office supplies in the USA.

You must select “All ads” and enter the keyword “Office supplies”.

Use keywords relevant to your niche

As the image above clearly shows, Meta Ads Library displays ads as they appear to visitors. It includes vital details such as:

  • Active or inactive status
  • Ads run date
  • Platforms used to launch ads
  • Unique ID for each ad

To get a better look at a specific ad, you must click on See ad details.

Use the Filters

Use the filters

You can use the given filter option to find what you are looking for quickly. This way, you can look up the competitors by applying the Advertiser filter.

Hence, by applying this filter, you will get a better view of what is their brand tone, brand positioning, and platform they are using to get the audience’s attention.

Except for the Advertiser filter, you can filter by language, media type, ad status, and platform.

Filtering by the platform is also an excellent way to adjust your marketing campaign. For example, if you’ve noticed that your competitors are only using Facebook and Instagram, you can use Messenger to your advantage, and that way, grab that market for yourself.

Extract Relevant Data

It is often hard to collect all valuable data to create detailed insights you can use for your business.

You can extract your gathered data into an excel file. With that, you can create comparison tables, all to generate better ideas for your ads.

You can use many tools to create competitive analysis, such as Social Status and Sprout Social.

To Sum Up

To start a victorious Meta ads campaign, every tool counts. Using Meta Ads Library, you can “spy” on your competitors and gain the upper hand by analyzing the valuable data.