If you want your website to be successful, implementing some sort of interactive content there is a great way to achieve that. The best web hosts make it easy to set-up interactive tools. Not only can this type of content turn out to be very engaging and entertaining, but it can also drastically increase the average amount of time a visitor spends checking out what you have to offer. And the time spent on a website is one of the most important factors Google takes into consideration when determining a website’s rank. The branding process never was, nor will it ever be easy, and seeking out help from the pros, like a San Francisco brand agency could be what you’re looking for.

But how can you create such content? Well, with the right tools, of course! Here are the top 5 tools for creating interactive content!

1. Spott


We put Spott first for several good reasons – not only is it very easy to use, but it also provides its users with a multitude of different options. First and foremost, you can add interactive elements to your images by simply choosing the one you like best and then dragging it to the right place on the image. You can also customize them by choosing their shape or color so that they blend into the image seamlessly.

These elements can be links, tags, or calls to action, which means you can adjust your approach to suit your audience better.

Next comes the publishing process, and here too you have plenty to choose from: creating GIFs, embedding things onto your website, sharing on social networks, creating ads… opportunities abound! And once your interactive image is out, you can track its progress with the help of this software’s statistics tools.

With three different packages (59$, 118$, and 177$, respectively), anyone can easily find what suits them best because all the features enumerated above are just a small part of the full offer.

2. Joomag


Joomag is also a very good solution and one of the most popular ones out there. It has a bunch of interesting plugins you can install to allow your visitors to rate the content you’re creating, initiate a chat with you, leave contact information and interact with your website in a variety of other ways. You can even add music to the content you publish which can be in the form of a video, too.

Every piece of content will be immediately optimized for mobile devices, and you can easily add your logo to let everyone know who’s creating all of this. Joomag also helps a lot if you have a team working together because you can assign roles to each team member with a click.

These are just some of the features this great product has, and you can get the free package to test things out before you commit to one of four other packages you can choose from. These start from 39$ a month and are charged annually, so think before you make your decision.

3. Ceros


Ceros also aims to help you with creating interactive content, but the thing about Ceros is that it is cloud-based. You can start from scratch, but you can also use one of the pre-defined templates. There is quite a selection of those, so you may very well find something that can help you and save you a lot of time.

But the most important aspect of this product is the way it allows creators to collaborate and manage joint projects. This is all done in real-time, so the feedback people give each other is immediate, which means that your project can be done a whole lot sooner.

At every point, creators can get a live preview of their work to see exactly how it would look when published. And once everything is finished, the final result will be smoothly transferred to the cloud for safekeeping.

The options for creating content are numerous here too and range from the ability to add animations to all sorts of other interactions. Prices are not listed on the website, although you can get a free trial and schedule an appointment with the team to choose what suits you best.

4. Maglr


The next candidate on our list is Maglr, another excellent piece of software when it comes to designing interactive content. It too allows you to choose between predefined templates or a completely clean canvas, but what is interesting about it is that allows you to create mobile versions of your works, too.

The main features when creating content are the layering approach and the fact that you can put separate scenes on a single page and then simply scroll through them vertically. Layering is done by grouping elements and then assigning them an effect, which allows the creator to point the viewer in the right direction when it comes to deciding how the produced content will be viewed. The aforementioned scenes are actually sheets combined and connected with different effects.

A free two-week trial is available for everyone, and after that, you can choose between one of three different packages: Beginner (200 EUR per month), Pro (350 EUR), and Enterprise (950 EUR). However, if you opt for an annual subscription, you will get one month free as a token of appreciation.

5. Involve.me


Involve.me has been causing quite a stir lately, and for good reasons. Apart from the classic drag-and-drop system, it also offers creators the option to dig in quite deep when doing their magic and to create something that can be tailored to each person individually. This is primarily thanks to the fact that you have the option to set up multiple outcomes, but it is also possible to use hidden fields, logical jumps, and recover partial submissions to create quality leads.

But all of that is just the beginning! The software will automatically save every change you make, so there is no need to worry about losing any of your work. You can also finely tune everything you create here so that it fits your brand more closely, and each creation can then be further optimized for each device and previewed as such.

It is possible to use this product completely free, provided you don’t exceed 100 submissions per month, but you can also choose between three premium packages which start from 19$ per month.


We hope you like our picks for the best tools that will help you create interactive content. If we were to single out one tool as the best one, that would be Spott. However, all the other tools we mentioned will work just as well!