It is no secret that creative headlines result in a higher number of clicks, which helps you generate more views/traffic. Most times, a headline is the first thing your readers see unless they go for the summary or the description first.

Therefore, the headline gives you the perfect chance to get your reader’s attention and to lure them into opening your article/post.

If you take a look at any advertisement out there, you’ll soon realize that most of them have quite catchy and irresistible titles. Obviously, these are created to reel you in, and still, 99% of the time, you click on them even though you know you’re being baited.

By having a creative headline, you make your article’s road to success much easier and the task around promoting it far less challenging, basically you let the headline do the heavy lifting for you. So the best way to describe headlines is as a marketing strategy for your posts/articles.

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When visitors open a home page, they are presented with a huge array of headlines. That is why it’s very important for you to pick the right words and sometimes even numbers for your headlines, otherwise, all of your content (posts) might be end up being unseen.

Some will even argue that a headline is more important than the post itself, and if that is in fact true, then creating the wrong headlines could equal close to 0 clicks.

Of course, there is no secret formula for coming up with mind-blowing headlines but still, there are numerous useful tips that you can follow, tips that will definitely improve the appeal of your headlines and the ratings of your articles. However, keep in mind, that the headline isn’t the only thing you should invest effort in when it comes to your articles, your content is another thing you don’t want to underdeliver on since people (rightfully so) will have high expectations.

To help you out, we’ve prepared some useful tips for coming up with irresistible headlines, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Use the right combination of numbers & letters

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The general idea is to create a headline so powerful that the visitors can’t resist but to click and open the article/post behind it.

A well-thought-out and powerful headline is your chance to make a good first impression and if it fails, so will your article/post.

Now, how do you know whether to use just letters, numbers, or a combination both in your headlines? Well, it is actually quite simple and once you’ve seen a few headline examples, I’m sure you’ll understand it in no time.

Many web site owners, as well as researchers, have stated that using the right numbers in the right place can increase the number of views an article/post gets and even promote engagement. Some even say that odd numbers are easier for our brain to remember and also recall specific information presented in/along that number.


I’m sure you’ve come across many sites that rely mostly on using odd numbers to attract the attention of visitors. However, you should never cut or shrink your articles/posts just so they can contain a list that has an odd number of items/points. Furthermore, some people will like shorter and some will like longer articles/posts. So to find the number that suits your audience the best, make sure to experiment.

If your headline is something along the lines of– “Seven Best Tips On Becoming Successful Over Night”, you should try – “Top 7 Entrepreneurship Tips For Quick Success”. Use numbers where they matter the most and try not to use too many unnecessary words next to them so that you don’t lose visitor’s attention.

Be specific & deliver on what you are promising


If your headline is about baking cookies at home, don’t wander off and start talking about cars or anything else unrelated to that specific topic. You have to be clear and let your visitors know what exactly are they getting out of your article/post. Sometimes, it can be a good idea to use puns and be funny but only if it is related to the topic.

Also, save something for later, don’t go all-in right off the bat. Sure, you have to do your best to grab the reader’s attention but it’s a good idea to keep them guessing. Doing this is proven to generate more clicks and shares. An example of that would be, “Scientists Say – The World Is Coming to an End! But is It True? This makes your readers feel like there is more to the story than just what the scientists say. It can also create a clash of opinions, which is very good for getting more views.

In general, people are curious and will want to know even the tiniest details about something. So this is where you swoop in with your fancy headline and reap on those clicks.

Use adjectives (fancy words)

I’d say that some if not all writers at some point in their career, are or have been found guilty of oversensationalizing. The catch with doing this is not to be too greedy. What do we mean by that?

Well, ask yourself, which of the following two headlines would you rather open?
“The 5 Books You Should Read” or “Top 5 Books That Changed My Life”

We’re not saying you should lie and hyperbolize everything, but the truth is that this is what attracts people’s attention. We use adjectives and figures of speech every day and people have gotten used it, so why not capitalize on it?

If you’re having trouble coming up with a creative headline, try inserting some of the following words into it: Amazing, Impossible, Practical, Famous, Successful, Incredible, Exciting, Intriguing, Magnificent, Magical, Heinous, Awful, Wonderful…

These words are guaranteed to attract more visitors by grabbing their attention.

Help people learn something new & stand out from the crowd

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People are always looking for new ways to better themselves. You can use this curiosity to capitalize on making (useful) informative posts/articles.

If you’ve been in a particular industry for a long time and have some secret tips up your sleeve, make sure to share them with your readers. Go the extra mile and give them tips that they will not find anywhere else. Now sure, we’ve all seen lots of how-tos and do it yourself tutorials but these never get old. These articles/posts attract lots of knowledgeable people who are ready and more than happy to engage in such topics.

People like to express themselves and share their knowledge and opinions almost everywhere that they can. Give them a good reason to choose your articles as the place where they can share that knowledge and opinions.

You won’t achieve this by blending in with the other articles that have generic headlines, use your imagination, spice up your headlines, and you’ll soon see that there are numerous effective ways of getting people’s attention.

Use keywords

Just like you use keywords when writing an article, you should do the same when writing headlines. Your readers will get a better grasp of what your article is about and what they can expect from it if you include the right keywords in the headline.

When someone searches for a keyword and Google highlights that keyword it in specific search results, the user can be sure that those results have exactly what he/she was looking for. For example, you could write a headline along the lines of: “How Many (insert your keyword here) Have You Had in (insert another keyword here)?”.

Keywords will also help search engines crawl your posts much easier, which will result in higher rankings meaning you will get more clicks, attract more readers, and get shared more.

Adhere to the preference of your readers


Stick to topics that are relevant to your audience’s taste. Make your headlines stand out by using wordplay, puns, and figures of speech you are sure they will enjoy.

Get personal

In order to get personal with your readers, you can do a number of things. Such as:

  • Use negative language to convey fear and worry.
  • Address the reader, be direct, and try to start a conversation.

This will create a connection, and of course, grab their attention by getting deeper into their heads. One example could be asking them: “Are You A Good Citizen?”

Use emotions


An emotional connection with the reader goes a long way. It builds trust and ensures that the reader will come back for more. That is why it’s very important to incorporate emotions in your headlines and also your content.

Use online tools/services that help you generate headlines

There are numerous tools out there that can help you generate headlines when you happen to experience a writer’s block or if you simply lack inspiration at that moment.

These tools aren’t just used to produce headlines, they come with some other useful features as well. With just a few clicks and some filling in, using these tools, you can get numerous suggestions for your next headlines.

Honorable mentions for headline-generating tools are: BlogAboutSEOPresser


If you have been experiencing traffic loss or just want to get more clicks/views then we recommend you invest a bit more time and effort into coming up with creative headlines. Creative and powerful headlines generate more clicks, views, and traffic but also leave a strong first impression with your readers.

Even though there no secret formula for writing the ultimate headline, if you follow the tips we provided you with, in this article, you’ll surely be able to improve your headline writing skills in no time.

You can also use these tips for creating all types of other content such as articles, blog posts, emails, subscription forms, etc., they will work for those just as well!