Do you want to offer online group classes? Then you need one platform to help you organize and manage the process. StudioGrowth is a platform that handles the time-consuming tasks of running a small studio. The great thing about this platform is that it’s the same as having a full-time crew to assist you. This is a tool for anyone who has begun to pursue their dream and start their own small business.

Whoever has never used a studio management system before and doesn’t know where to begin is in the right place! If you already have a thriving boutique studio but are tired of dealing with a time-consuming member management system that adds to your stress, you need to try StudioGrowth. They’ve been there to help people like you.

Therefore, StudioGrowth was created as a “plug-and-play” solution for small seminars and collaborative classroom instructors. There are a few things that set this platform apart from other similar tools.

StudioGrowth manages everything from automatic course sales to consumer alerts and announcements. It is simple to use, even for complete beginners. The great thing is that it operates without hundreds of needless functions. However, it is powerful enough to be your secret weapon against competitors in your field of work. When established, your private studio’s business can run on autopilot. This will give you enough time to concentrate on your customers and engage with them.

You can effortlessly organize and manage your class calendar with several class types. Choose between one-time, recurring, and private sessions. You can create fantastic class schedules with their simple class schedule builder, which will keep everything organized. To make your public class timetables stand out, modify the layout, colors, and logo so that they suit your brand. Your brand distinguishes you from the market, and StudioGrowth can assist you with staying on brand with whatever class you offer.

StudioGrowth can also help employees control their accessibility and meetings. Simplify your business by enabling employees to handle reservations, meetings, and lessons through staff portals. This will increase overall business productivity. Detailed, relevant reports provide you with a daily snapshot of the condition of your company so that you can make decisions according to the analytics. StudioGrowth provides all the statistics and information you need to make informed decisions, from income reporting to team member activities.

StudioGrowth can now help you go from having an idea to marketing your services without too much trouble. You can design an infinite number of class bundles and memberships that are entirely configurable so that you can grow your small business quickly.

Memberships and class packs can be used for group classes and on-demand appointments. StudioGrowth enables you to collect online payments and offer a variety of payment alternatives to your subscribers. You don’t need to worry about how to set the payment method that will work.

Boost your profits by giving your customers an unrivaled booking experience that only this platform can provide. Your members can book lessons by scanning QR codes. This is a feature that will make you look professional. Networking logins and Apple/Google Pay offer one-click payments, which will help you gain more profit. StudioGrowth allows you to take both online and in-person cash transactions. Stripe and PayPal connectors enable you to provide business solutions from any region!

StudioGrowth is the only software you’ll need if you offer services other than group lessons (for example, massage treatment). Build on-demand slots according to the availability and skill of each employee so that you can provide your customers with the best service. Employees can control their live availability through a compact and mobile-responsive staff site.

Your members can control all the classes they are going to by using a customer portal. To fully manage your classes, limit the number of slots in group sessions and appointments.

Offer incentives with the ability to produce an infinite number of discount codes so that you can reward your customers. Allow your users to cancel classes or subscriptions to simplify member administration and bring your customer service to another level.

You may rest assured that your customers will receive regular alerts so they don’t miss important information about any classes. Hooks are also included to engage customers at critical phases of the customer experience. Simply begin and watch the results come in.


The concept is simple and self-explanatory. It will only take a few moments to set it up and have a web presence where your customers can reserve class spots and order lesson packs or subscriptions.

StudioGrowth includes all of the necessary features. Reports, automated emails, course contents, online ordering, booking sites, and more are available.