MilesWeb, a hosting company that started its hosting business in 2012, has become a rising star in the industry. Over the years, MilesWeb has managed to develop its service quality while keeping its pricing competitive. In addition to that, it has inducted many other variants of web hosting services and expanded its horizons.


As of now, MilesWeb is a provider of:

  • Shared hosting (Linux/Windows)
  • Managed and Self-managed WordPress Hosting
  • Managed and Self-managed VPS Hosting (Linux/Windows)
  • Cheap Reseller Hosting (Linux/Windows)
  • Cloud Server Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting

Of course, MilesWeb also does domain registration at affordable prices. It makes MilesWeb a one-stop destination for all kinds of web hosting and relevant services.

What Will You Find Out in This Review

This article will offer you my perspective on the WordPress hosting services of MilesWeb in terms of their value for money. I have highlighted the vital what-to-look-for of their services and presented an opinion on their pricing.

By the end of this featured review, I am sure you will have a clearer picture of MilesWeb’s WordPress services.

Let’s start!

WordPress Hosting by MilesWeb

It is a service more exclusive to WordPress users to optimize their site’s overall performance with the resources of a shared hosting server. Furthermore, the WordPress hosting of MilesWeb is highly rated and positively reviewed by many of its users on various platforms.

Here are some of my verifications regarding the WordPress hosting service of MilesWeb.


MilesWeb Built for Performance tab

The things I have considered here will reflect the overall performance with WordPress hosting from MilesWeb.

  • Page Loading Speeds: The average page loading speed of websites using the services of the top hosting providers is around 700-800 ms. This figure is a rough estimate showing the current industry standards. A regular website using MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting will load a bit faster than that. The secret behind this is Cloudflare technology, which allows high-speed data transfers while compressing the data files of the website
  • Memory Storage: MilesWeb offers a decent disk space with its WordPress hosting plans. The Tyro plan designed for WordPress websites will allot you 1GB of disk space, and considering it is for beginners, this much memory storage is more than enough to host a brand new website. Furthermore, the memory storage use SSD disks that are among the fastest and most advanced storage technologies
  • Bandwidth: MilesWeb offers unlimited bandwidth for your website. Bandwidth is the amount of data that users and websites exchange with each other. Although MilesWeb claims the bandwidth is endless, they have policies in place to avoid its abuse.

Uptime Guarantee

MilesWeb is one of the very few hosting companies out there that guarantees uptimes of 99.95%. Usually, providers are not that confident and mention their average or highest observed uptimes, but they never guarantee it.

The reason is the uptimes are directly dependent on the servers’ condition. MilesWeb uses some of the most advanced servers to host their users’ websites. It certainly increases the overall points for reliability. It is why they can guarantee the best uptimes for 99.95%.

Dedicated Customer Support

MilesWeb support

The most vital part of any hosting service for me would be the technical support. MilesWeb seems to have invested heavily in this department as it has won many awards for the category. In addition, customer support is online 24/7 on all days of the year, a given for any top hosting company.

However, the true essence of their technical support is their executives. The live chats are kept short and precise so as not to waste any time for the users. Furthermore, the responses from executives reflect their years of experience in handling hosting-related queries as they quickly understand the problems and offer accurate solutions.

In addition, there are no queues or long waiting periods for interacting with MilesWeb’s support team, which sets MilesWeb apart from other providers in terms of overall customer experience.

Managed Hosting

MilesWeb offers fully managed WordPress hosting for its WordPress users. In addition, they assign an independent team that will oversee the management and maintenance of your web hosting.

The team will regularly update WordPress and plugins while also carrying out regular malware scans and removing any security threats they detect. The technical team is made of experienced and certified individuals that know the in-and-out of WordPress hosting.

Furthermore, it allows you to leave the technical part of hosting to dedicate your focus to your website.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

It is a standard guarantee policy that almost all top providers practice. As a user, MilesWeb guarantees complete service satisfaction to all of its clients.

If you are unsatisfied or are having any issues with the hosting service, you can ask MilesWeb for a full refund. The policy says that you are qualified for a refund in the first 30 days of your service’s commencement.

Why MilesWeb’s WordPress Hosting Has the Lowest Cost on the Market

MilesWeb pricing

I have found the features and service quality of MilesWeb’s WordPress hosting to be on par with the industry’s best. Yet, unlike other service providers, MilesWeb has substantially lower prices for their service plans when compared to other providers.

The reason is a heavy discount on their WordPress hosting services. These discounts are applicable for the three-year subscription of WordPress hosting plans, but the overall charges are very cheap considering the prolonged service you will get.

Other than that, the services come with additional benefits essential for hosting websites. For example, you get to save a ton of money to pay for them separately.

Free Addons

MilesWeb Website Builder addon

  • Domains: MilesWeb offers a free .shop domain for its one or 3-year subscription to the Tyro plan. The users with a one or 3-year subscription to Swift and Turbo plans get a choice between a .shop or a .com domain, and the free domain you get is limited for the first year of the service, after which you will have to renew it. Considering the present market value, the average price for 1-year domain registration of a .com domain is around $10, and saving that much for the first year is a perfect bargain for any hosting user
  • SSL Certificate: MilesWeb also offers a free SSL certification of Let’s Encrypt with all of its WordPress hosting plans. Again, you save a good amount of money for the SSL certifications
  • Control Panel: You will receive the login details for a fully functional control panel account of DirectAdmin with all hosting plans
  • Website Builder: You get a free subscription to a software tool to create your website without coding. The application has a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functions that allow you to build your desired website without hiring a coder


MilesWeb rating

You are liable to choose fully managed WordPress hosting with all service plans. However, many hosting providers will deploy additional charges for these value-added services. On the contrary, MilesWeb will not charge you extra for managing your WordPress hosting.

Competitive Pricing

MilesWeb is giving heavy discounts on its WordPress hosting services. The deals may differ for users from different global regions, but they considerably bring down the costs of the services. It makes MilesWeb one of the cheapest WordPress hosting providers in the industry.


MilesWeb is a trusted web hosting company that offers quality WordPress hosting services. The overall performance and service satisfaction of their WordPress hosting is of a standard to top companies.

MilesWeb has managed to maintain high-quality standards despite keeping its pricing at the lowest. Not only that, they offer additional benefits that end up saving more money for the users.

Considering it all, I can confidently say that MilesWeb has the lowest cost for WordPress hosting.