PPC or pay per click is a form of ad where the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on that ad. There are various types of ads, and this type of advertising is becoming increasingly popular. You have probably noticed that precise search engines drop ads first.

Simply put, search engines sell keywords that advertisers buy to show their ads. By clicking on the ad, it is easier to get to precise websites and get the information we need at that moment. According to some research, PPC has become one of the best ways to reach clients.

As we have said, this type of advertising is becoming more and more popular, so PPC tools are becoming more and more popular. The competition is fierce, and the demand is growing day by day.

Listening to customer needs PPC tools are evolving more and more. Since it is difficult to find the best PPC tools, we have made a list of the best to increase visibility and revenue in 2022.

1. Adcore

Adcore is one of the leading tools because it is available to everyone (agencies, experts, or freelancers). Thanks to automation, solving long-term tasks are a thing of the past.

Now you can dedicate yourself to other elements of the campaign. You can use keywords to get suggestions based on the content of the page. As they like to say, Adcore is an effortless marketing tool.

It allows you to find potential customers through various platforms such as Google, Facebook, etc. One of the favorite characteristics of clients is flexibility. This means that you can tailor your ad to each country and currency used there.

2. Semrush


Semrush offers you a set of advertising tools. With them, you can design and implement all the ideas related to your campaign. Semrush has many features and offers many options. It is possible to locate and research keywords, and Semrush is the best on the market in this regard.

Keywords that are important to you can be loaded into the Semrush PPC tool. Although often considered just an SEO tool, Semrush is an ideal combination of PPC and SEO that focuses on both.

3. Ruler Analytics

One of the best tools for marketing attribution is Ruler Analytics. It is easy to use and provides a lot. Companies usually want to see the complete picture of customers, respectively what the correlation is.

You can also get that bigger picture by sending data to your existing platforms through Ruler Analytics. Ruler Analytics works in a simple way, each visitor is monitored from several aspects.

When they become a potential client – all information is sent to the Ruler Analytics database. The data is then paired with marketing touchpoints to create a broader picture.

4. Tableau


If you have data and need quick calculations – choose Tableau. It is simple and is used to create interactive data visualizations. Tableau does a great job if you need charts, an interactive checklist, data analysis by region, etc.

There is also the possibility of creating a narrative story about data analysis. All this with interactive visualizations will be more interesting, presentable, and memorable for the audience.

5. Ahrefs


Often presented as an SEO tool, but not unimportant to mention – Ahrefs. Ahrefs is not just an SEO tool – it is much more than that. It offers a lot as a PPC tool, and it is functional. So we decided it had to be an integral part of our list.

Ahrefs can monitor the competition – see what their traffic is, research their ads, keywords, etc. There are many more good and functional options. E.g. when have you heard that a tool can rank keywords by volume, weight, or price? Ahrefs can do it. So pay a little attention to research.


There are many good PPC tools on the market today, so choose carefully. The best advice is to go through in detail the characteristics of each tool that you think might suit your needs.

Before biting the bullet, compare prices and the package of services you get with each tool. Keep in mind that each tool is special and offers a different service. Although, we are sure that if you choose one from this list – you will not make a mistake.