If you came to this article to find the perfect theme for your real estate agency website, you came to the right place. We know that you work hard to provide dream homes for your customers, so we will try to do the same for you theme-wise.

Having the perfect theme for your website can be crucial since people aren’t fond of sites that don’t look elegant and are not easy to handle. You want your visitors to stay, enjoy their time on your website, and possibly become your customers. That is why you need to provide them with an amazing experience, and you can do that with the right theme!

For this article, we collected some of the best real estate themes that you can use for your site. So without further ado, let’s jump in!

1. WPRealEstate

Cottage theme

Some of the themes on this list are great multipurpose themes. Others are built specifically for real estate professionals.

WPRealEstate is in the last category. It is one of a new generation of WordPress real estate themes built specifically for brokers and agencies.

The theme offers a great set of diverse, beautiful, and responsive designs. All designs can be imported through their one-click demo import feature. You can then customize the look and feel endlessly with hundreds (maybe thousands) of options covering everything from site and page layouts to typography and colors. The theme relies on the WordPress block editor for most page and post content.

Every theme purchase includes access to the WPRealEstate plugin, which is a powerful plugin for managing real estate listings. The theme and plugin work together effortlessly to provide a compelete website solution for realtors. Making it the best choice for those seeking the best real estate listing experience.

2. Divi


In the first spot we have – Divi, a multi-purpose theme that will for sure give you everything your site needs. It is not just a standard theme, instead, it comes with the Divi web page builder and some ready-to-use layouts for different businesses.

With their builder, you can add, move, and delete elements on your site from the frontend, and see changes in real-time. It also has a lot of unique page elements that will give you the freedom to experiment however you like with your design. It gives you great control over how your page looks.

The editing is so easy that you have an undo and redo button to help you fix any mistakes you made. The theme also comes with a lot of modules that will for sure be helpful for your business, like a call-to-action, slide, blogs, galleries, and forms.

The great thing is, in case you don’t want to build your page from scratch, you get over 800 pre-made templates in the free package.

3. Astra


The second spot on our list goes to Astra. A theme that comes with website demos that are ready to use for any business, including real estate.

You can also change its design through a variety of options using the WordPress Customizer, and the best part is that you don’t need any coding whatsoever.

If you are a fan of full-width pages, you can disable the page title and sidebar and have complete freedom to do so.

Astra also provides unmatched performance, and it is one of the most lightweight themes out there, so you don’t have to worry that it will slow down your website at all. This is mostly thanks to the fact that it needs less than 50KB of resources while other themes need around 300KB.

All in all, it is safe to say that you can’t go wrong with this little gem.

4. HomePress


The next spot goes to the easy-to-use, very professional, and beautiful real estate WordPress theme called HomePress. It has a collection of more than 10 demos, with an original and creative style that will bring your site to life.

It comes with the Elementor drag-and-drop page builder, which means you don’t need to know how to code to create the site of your dreams.

Some amazing features that this handsome devil has are radius search, mortgage calculator, auto-completing search, 360-degree virtual presentation, and thirteen custom-made widgets.

On top of that, your mobile users will also enjoy your site because this tool is mobile-ready, and it is optimized for fast loading speed. As we know, having a site that loads in seconds is crucial for keeping your customers since nobody likes to wait.

5. Realtyspace


The fourth spot on our list goes to the easy-to-use but very versatile WordPress theme by the name Realtyspace. It’s made for real estate holdings, companies, real estate property agents and agencies, as well as any business that is connected to that branch.

The theme comes with a bunch of useful tools that will make your design game on point! And some of its features include Lightbox, great choices for managing multimedia galleries, and a management feature.

The management feature enables you to become a hub for real estate agents, homeowners, or landlords, that can share listings on your site.

With this theme, you can manage your properties, accept paid or free submissions, find potential clients, and of course, create amazing landing pages with their Visual Composer backend page builder.

6. Homeland


The next spot goes to the premium WordPress Theme called Homeland. This theme gives your website a clean and modern look that will elevate it in a heartbeat.

Its design is user-friendly and will help you show your professional side to your potential clients and customers since they are the ones that you need to impress.

Some of the features that this theme has will make it very easy for you to add property listings as well as create a user-friendly taxonomy.

You have three theme layouts to choose from (Full Width, Boxed, and Boxed Left). And of course, you can also quickly create as many pages as you want, as well as change fonts, colors, the background, the header, and so on.

The theme also offers an easy way to import demo content (in just one click) so that you can check if the layout you chose is the right fit for you!



We are going to conclude this list with KALLYAS – a WordPress theme for people that want to create their website in a different language. It also comes with 12 unique homepages that can be used for a lot of different purposes.

This award-winning theme also comes with over 70 prebuilt templates so you can pick and choose which one works the best for you. It also has a speed optimizer so you don’t have to worry about your site slowing down.

If you are more of a hands-on owner and love to explore templates and design, this little helper comes with the Zion builder so you can build your website however you like.


Keep in mind that having a well-designed website will be cherished by your visitors and customers. And some of the themes we mentioned will give you the freedom to edit their existing templates however you want or create your own from scratch with their tools.

In the end, we can say that every single one of these themes will elevate your site, it is just up to you which one you will choose.