In this day and age, many responsibilities fall on people’s shoulders. Fortunately, to a great extent, new technologies like smartphones and smartwatches help us live better.

Smartwatches are not just about displaying the time like most analog timepieces. They are also far more advanced than digital watches equipped with “smart” technology.

Smartwatch – functionality in everyday life

A smartwatch is more than just an analog wristwatch or the most advanced digital watch. Today, a smartwatch is a portable world, just like a mobile phone at the beginning of the smartphone era.

The multitude of functions and possibilities of even a basic smartwatch can successfully compete with phones and computers. Answering calls and reading messages or emails (both business and private) is just the start of a long list of features of this small piece of equipment.

A smartwatch is also a great assistant for the sports enthusiast or anyone who cares about fitness and health. Not only does it count steps and distance covered during jogging or cycling, but also monitors heart rate and blood pressure. And speaking of distance, we cannot forget about the GPS transmitter, which helps you orient yourself and gives you a sense of where you are.

There are also a number of apps that are compatible with your smartwatch. For example, a continuous glucose monitoring system reads a diabetic’s sugar level every few minutes.

Configured with a watch, the system allows a diabetic to see their blood glucose fluctuations more accurately. Also, in case it was still not enough, a smartwatch is small and, unlike a smartphone, doesn’t take up any space in the pocket of the jacket or trousers. It’s so lightweight that you can even forget you’re wearing it on your wrist.

TOP brands – what smartwatch to choose

Anyone looking for a smartwatch perfectly tailored to their needs knows that the number of models available can cause a headache.

For this reason, we listed a few men’s and women’s smartwatches below, selected on the basis of their functionality, quality, and versatility.

New Suunto smartwatches for the active

The Suunto brand offers durable watches made of simple construction. Apart from a simple design, they are distinguished by their large but highly functional buttons.

At least, this is the case with the two models presented here: the Suunto 7 Titanium and the Suunto 9 Baro. They are both sports smartwatches equipped with sleep tracking, GPS tracking, and navigation. Also, you can save your routes and analyze all associated data.

All of these features are key features for an athlete who is constantly focused on improving their sports performance. The battery, which can last up to 7 days, is another quality of both of these watches. Thus, there is no need to worry about how they will perform even in harsher conditions.

Garmin – the perfect choice for professionals

When it comes to Garmin watches, there is no room for mistakes. Whatever watch you choose to buy, it’ll be a good decision. The Enduro and the Venu 2 are said to be the most intriguing models offered by the brand. Why? Because they don’t look like typical smartwatches. On the contrary, they are designed in a sleek, modern style.

The manufacturer describes the Garmin Enduro as a trail-running smartwatch. Therefore, he is a great choice for those who love to always be on the move. The smartwatch is equipped with GPS technology that allows you to find your way in any terrain and a heart rate monitor to help you choose the right workout.

Also, you can select different battery modes according to your needs. You no longer have to worry about the battery suddenly draining, especially in unfavorable conditions. The watch is not only great for sports! You can also use it daily for contactless payments when shopping.

The Venu 2 is another great smartwatch. Thanks to its elegant design, you can wear it for the gym and special occasions. The watch comes with a silicone strap available in a few colors, which makes it even more attractive. But that’s not everything.

The watch features the Pulse Ox sensor, 25 preloaded sports apps, and a large AMOLED display that makes it visible even in bright sunlight. Reading the messages on the watch is no longer a problem either. In addition, thanks to the power-saving mode, you can use the watch for a long time with just one charge. That’s why the Venu 2 is definitely a leading player among smartwatches.

Polar – sports watch for the discerning

We can also recommend you a couple of Polar smartwatches, for example, the Polar Vantage M2. It is a tough and durable sports watch designed in a simple classic style. The model is a great device for a person leading an active lifestyle. You can challenge it in a number of ways (not only when running or training at the gym).

The Polar Vantage M2 watch is available in as many as four colors. It is very accurate for pulse measurement. With this smartwatch, you’ll keep your pressure under control, personalize your workouts and reach your goals in less than no time. Finally, the watch is equipped with a sleep monitor so that you can recover from an intense workout or a long day.

Smartwatch – is it worth buying

Even if you don’t consider yourself an active person, you can make use of a smartwatch. Think of all its features: activity tracking, answering phone calls, measuring your pulse, getting notifications of incoming emails, having an insight into calories burned and distance covered during the day, etc.

You can probably live without a smartwatch if you don’t need any of these things. However, if you think a smartwatch can make your life easier, then don’t hesitate to buy one! You can be sure that it will help you both at work and in your private life.