Building a one-page website is the easiest way to become well-known among users and spread your name through the web. It is trendy since you can make quite a great deal out of it- if you know how to do so.

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With an eye-catching design and a good copywriter who will provide you with quality, eye-catching content that is short and clear, you can achieve quite a lot. Of course, the design is crucial for success, so you must put some extra effort into that as well. Since it is only a one-page website, you need to give your visitors an attractive website that will draw their attention and make them explore the details.

It might seem hard at first sight, but with some extra tips and some time to explore – your one-page website could be stunning! However, you surely do not want to fill your one-page webpage with unnecessary details, texts, or information. Too much content can ruin a website like this quite easily. Therefore, here are some tips you could use.

1. Keep It Simple

The simpler your website looks, the better it is. Your audience needs clarity. If you already decided to have a one-page website, you need to minimize your content. You do not need long articles or explanations.

The main idea is to stay focused on the purpose of your website. Get to the point right away and present your work as best as you can. Take the important stuff only, focus on it, and add only the essential points to your website, avoiding the distractions.

With this kind of page, you get only one chance, because if the visitor came to get information, and your website does not give them that- it is your loss!

2. Give Your Content Order

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Focus and do not just fly from one thing to another. It is essential to keep your website organized and well structured. You need to keep your visitors interested and show your product or service at its finest.

Remember, you have the power to lead your visitors wherever you want. Their eyes can go wherever you want them to go. Just keep in mind that everyone will see the big things first and the more minor details later. Use that to order everything on your website.

Moreover, do not put essential things in small fonts or images. Use a larger font to introduce your product or service to get to the point right away. There is no need to highlight the less critical stuff; it is enough that they show up anywhere on the page.

3. Make a Stunning Design

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Working on your website’s design is the most fun part! Use your creativity to make the best design you can make. Be free, play with colors, and try what looks the best. It is crucial to think outside the box to make sure you will come up with something stunning.

Try changing the background on different sections, experiment with colors, show your creativity. When it comes to websites like this, it is essential to catch your visitor’s eye first. Therefore, put some effort into making a good design; it will surely pay off.

4. Add Movement to Your Website

This one is tricky but valuable. To avoid being boring, try adding animations to your website. It will look better, more interesting, and it will undoubtedly draw more attention.

So, make your website stand out, you will surely not regret it. It can improve your website, design, and content. Consider trying it for yourself.

5. Make Mobile Phone Adaptation

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This is a crucial step! Adjust your website to mobile devices. Nowadays, most people use their mobile phones to browse internet websites. In that way, your visitors will explore the website using their mobile phones, which is excellent.

So, find out all the ways you can do this, and provide all your visitors a great experience when they enter your site, never mind the device they use or their screen size.

The best way to adapt to mobile is arguably to create a mobile app. Using a dynamic platform like AppMySite empowers you to convert your WordPress website to an app and launch it on both Google Play and App Store

6. Highlight the Contact Information

Your contact information on the website is a must-have, and you need to highlight it to make it simpler for the visitors. They must find your contact information with no trouble, and you need to make sure that will do.

Therefore, you should put all the phone numbers, addresses, social media links, blogs, location, and everything significantly separated in one block, at the top or the bottom of the page.

However, it is better to place it on top or add a button that leads to the bottom of the page, so the visitors will not have to scroll down to find the thing they need. Contact information seems not so important, but it is something that needs to be easily reachable.


All these tips could bring you a whole lot of improvement if you try using them. These are just some of the things you can add and use on your website, even though the opportunities are endless. Keep in mind that a one-page website does not need a ton of content or a long scroll.

Add the essentials, keep it simple, and catch your visitor’s eye. That is the key to success! I hope that you will find those tips helpful and transparent and that you will see the improvement in no time. Good luck and stay focused!