Your consumers will love you if you use Instagram to communicate with them. It’s an incredibly visual platform for business with over 300 million active users and about 85 million photographs and videos published daily. You can effectively sell your business on Instagram if you use it correctly.

Still, many marketers find it difficult to acquire the level of interaction they desire from their Instagram posts. This blog post is for you if the miseries of Instagram’s poor engagement also plague you.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to advertise your brand more effectively on Instagram and increase your posting consistency using the Instagram automation tool, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned Instagram user.

1. Optimize Your Profile

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Optimizing your profile can help you to acquire more followers. Make a username that is both easy to find and easy to remember. Usernames should be based on the name of the company. Make sure your business name is the first part of your username if it’s already taken.

Select a profile picture that is consistent with the rest of your online persona. As a result, customers aren’t misled, and the brand’s image is consistently upheld across all platforms.

Set up an Instagram account for your business. It gives you access to features that might help you build your business. Allow others to see your profile. Engagement is killed by the use of private social media profiles. Keeping your business a secret from your consumers is not a good idea.

2. Update Your Bio

Add the name of your company to your bio. Describe your company and yourself. Include a call to action, branded hashtags, and links to your website in this section. You need a direct link to your product page, especially if most visitors are on their mobile devices. Shopping on your website is simple for your followers.

Ensure you get alerts when your photographs are shared or commented on so you can respond. You’ll be able to interact more quickly. You may activate push notifications by going to Options > Push Notification Settings. Consideration should be given to everyone.

3. Post Consistently

To maintain a following on Instagram, you need to post regularly. More people will notice your posts if you publish more frequently. It’s important to have a consistent presence on social media to keep your audience engaged. Consistency is a sign that you value your audience enough to post regularly.

Posting less frequently does not entail being less consistent. Be careful about prioritizing quantity over quality. Followers may become overwhelmed if there is an excessive amount of material available. Posting no more than twice daily is recommended for a well-maintained Instagram account.

Create IDs for accounts. To become known as a niche influencer, you need to be consistent in your efforts. Remember that your photos should appear in your followers’ feeds so that they may interact with them. More people will see your brand if you publish more often.

4. Find Perfect Timing for Posting

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Make sure you know your audience’s time zone and when they check Instagram before you publish on the social media platform. Morning and evening are the most popular times to use Instagram.

Global companies employ time zones from across the world. Not all companies have the same amount of time to publish on Instagram. Your audience determines your optimal pacing. Using Instagram analytics tools, study your audience.

The easiest way to figure out the optimal time to post on Instagram is to experiment with various times. Adjust your posting schedule if morning posts receive more likes, comments, or followers than afternoon or night postings.

5. Reorder the Filters

Filters on Instagram are all about having a good time. Choosing the right filters can lead to a shift in perspective and an increase in interest. More than half of the people who see filtered photographs are more inclined to remark on them than those who see unfiltered photos. Because of this, finding out what is most effective for your company would be the most beneficial.

Those who use Instagram frequently likely have a few go-to filters, while others remain untouched. You may rearrange the filters in your editing window to help your work flow more smoothly. You’ll be able to place a higher value on the ones you use the most this way.

Drag each filter one at a time while holding your fingers down to rearrange the filters. Once you’ve experimented with a few filters, it’s best to stick with one and use it consistently. It’s easier to distinguish your post from others if you only use one filter.

6. Respond to Your Followers

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Keeping in touch with your followers means reacting to their good and bad feedback, so make sure you do so. People who leave positive remarks or tag their friends should also be thanked. When someone asks you a question about the photo or your business, respond to them. A lack of interest in developing a community is conveyed when you don’t respond to their feedback.

Show them that you are interested in their thoughts and opinions. Engage with people who leave comments on your posts and follow them back if you find their content interesting enough to do so. As a result, relationships will be strengthened, and participation will increase.


When promoting your business, Instagram is a terrific place to do it. Instagram should be your next top priority if you haven’t already done so. Plan your Instagram strategy with interaction in mind, and don’t forget to use all the suggestions we’ve provided.

Producing natural material to establish a personal connection with your followers is the most effective strategy for increasing your Instagram following and engagement. All of your material should be designed to engage your audience in some way.