PDF as a file format has become one of the best ones you can use. It is versatile, convenient, and compact, yet it can fit a lot of data. Naturally, as popular as it is, almost every operating system and a web browser can open and read PDF files.

However, if you intend to do more with your PDF files than just read them, you should consider trying one of the existing PDF applications that can offer you a lot of useful features.

What even is PDF Expert

Person with laptop in lap

PDF Expert is definitely one of the most used applications like that. It works on iPads, iPhones, and Macs. With PDF Expert, you can read, edit, convert, sign, annotate and even merge PDF documents. Organizing your PDFs also comes in handy, and this tool does that, too.

UPDF as an alternative

But, you might consider alternatives to PDF Expert. One of those great substitutes is called UPDF.  It’s as professional as it gets and has everything you need when it comes to PDF format. It’s available in Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android versions.


The whole interface is very user-friendly and easy on your eyes, so you can read documents without straining yourself. Getting around the application is painless, and you get plenty of features with which you can add text, shapes, highlights, and more straight to your PDF.

Texts and links in PDFs can be edited in the exact same, simple way as in Word docs. Without even leaving your PDF file, you can add or remove text and switch the size or font of the text.

With UPDF, you can do a whole lot with images, too. To edit an image, click it. Then you have the option to reposition or resize it and copy, replace, delete or crop it. The way in which you do, it is very intuitive, and even if you do get stuck, you have handy snap-to guidelines.

Converting PDFs to lots of different formats is a dream with the help of this tool. Whether you convert it to Word, Excel, text, PowerPoint, HTML, CSV, or many more, the layout and format stay the same.

UPDF allows you to manage your pages exactly how you’d like. You can replace, reorder, delete, rotate, add new pages, and more. All of those processes are quick and lead to your documents being well-organized.

Upcoming features

Apart from all of these aforementioned features, UPDF plans on getting a lot more out. One of those features is called Batch PDF. So, with batch converting, creating, removing, and encrypting your files, you will save a bunch of time.

Not to mention, you will also be able to fill in your PDF forms easily with the fact that you get automatically highlighted fields you can fill out.

Another upcoming feature is the compression of PDFs, which flattens PDF docs into smaller ones, making them easier to move and share.

The last upcoming feature concerns data safety. With the Redact feature, you will have the option to black out parts of text or images in your documents so sensitive information is not discovered by an unwanted third party.


UPDF can be bought via a one-time purchase which then lasts you a lifetime. With that single purchase, you get the application on every platform, meaning you do not have to buy it separately.

Best of all, all future features and updates are yours, too. For $39.99, you get a bunch of nifty features for your PDF docs. You can try it out and see for yourself without any commitment, as it has a 2-months free trial.


UPDF has absolutely everything you need to take care of your PDF files. Sure, you can open, read, and maybe do a bit more within your operating system or browser.

However, if you often use PDFs, you definitely need a special tool to make everything easier. UPDF is that tool, and you can be sure it’ll provide you with a lot of useful features.