Any business should know that video content is critical to an effective marketing strategy. Videos are an easy way to communicate clear messages to your audience often in a shorter time than you can with text. There’s no denying that it takes a lot of planning and editing to make the perfect short-form video content but you can seriously fall behind your competitors if you don’t get the ball rolling sooner rather than later.

Still, you can seriously fall behind your competitors if you don’t get the ball rolling sooner rather than later. Need more convincing? We’ve put together some of the most significant benefits of video marketing so you can start taking advantage of the medium today.

1. Google Ranks High for Video

Tagging your video on YouTube

Tagging your video on YouTube

Videos can rank at the top of search results as rich results. Since Google has YouTube as a part of its family, uploading to the video platform gives you a better chance of getting to the top. However, you still need to make sure your video is optimized for search engines by including an eye-catching thumbnail and title.

YouTube also lets you tag your video with a list of keywords so you can reach your target audience. If you include backlinks to your website on your YouTube video page, you can boost your online rankings with just one piece of great content. To struggle a bit less about your views count, you can always decide and buy views for youtube video.

2. Video Boosts Your Conversions

Research conducted by Aberdeen Group states that including a video on a landing page can increase your conversion rates by 34%. If you think about a product page, for example, reading a body of text where they have to imagine how a product works isn’t the optimal way to sell a product to your user.

A video shows the user exactly how a product works where they don’t need to imagine anything because they can see it. Not only is this great for eCommerce video marketing, but the right video can increase conversions of any kind. If you’re looking to boost conversions, a great video is an answer.

3. Video Builds Trust

Building your business or brand as relatable and trustworthy comes easy with video marketing. Having your team talk about your business and their work immediately creates a more human connection for the user on a ‘Services’ page. It’s a way of your team directly interacting with your target audience to build a sense of trust in your brand.

It’s also worth considering producing video testimonials to build trust in your brand. It’s always worth contacting your previous customers and asking if they’d be willing to record a video testimonial. After all, 77% of consumers said that a video testimonial ultimately convinced them to buy a product or service. Building trust is essential for any business, so make the best use of video marketing to get your brand out there.

4. Video Encourages Social Sharing

Video post on Twitter example

Example of a video post on Twitter

Social media and video marketing go hand in hand to raise your brand awareness and grow your client base. Any big viral video finds itself plastered all over social media. That’s because social media platforms are the prime place where people discover videos and share them with others.

Every major platform from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn allows you to post videos directly from a file or embed them from a YouTube or video link. Researching trending hashtags relevant to your video can boost its visibility as it gets shared around to new potential clients.

5. People Respond More to Video Ads

The average click-through rate is 1.84% for video ads. With that in mind, it’s surprising more advertisers don’t jump on to creating video for paid ads.

A social media platform like Facebook lets you target a particular audience from gender, age, and interests. Hitting that audience with an attention-grabbing video will increase your return on investment for your online ads.

6. Boost Email Opens With Video

You rarely open an email, and you’re greeted with a video. So it can be a great way to stand out from the long list of emails that fill the inbox of your contacts.

MarTech Advisor even states that adding a video to your email can boost click-through rates by 300%. If you haven’t considered adding video to your email marketing, then a stat like this should convince you to start considering the benefit!


Video marketing is intimidating, it offers a blank canvas to send a message that resonates with your target audience, but the planning process takes a lot of fine-tuning to get to the finished product.

However, the benefits we’ve detailed show just how great a video can be to make a marketing campaign successful in just about every context. Don’t wait around; get creative and start seeing successful results.

Author’s Bio:

James Sayers has a passion for writing on music, film, and video games. He works at Tillison Consulting as an SEO Campaign Manager working on blog content and SEO improvements for clients.