Sometimes, you will stumble upon websites that have links to pages on other websites. Such links are known as backlinks, and they hold a special value when it comes to SEO.

Why Do I Need to Check My Backlinks?

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The greater the number of backlinks leading to a website, the greater the visibility of said website becomes! To search engines, a lot of backlinks signifies that a site is trusted and, as such, should be positioned higher in search results. So if you are aiming to reach a larger audience, make sure to have many backlinks leading to your website.

With that said, we will now present a list of tools that might help you get to the top of the “backlink score” game!

The Best Backlink Checker Tools

1. Semrush


This is a centralized platform that promises to help you improve your visibility in search results. The fact that it’s used by renowned names like IBM and Tesla says a lot about the quality of the service it offers.

With it, you can do SEO research, market research, content marketing, and much more!

In regards to SEO research, one can do a thorough analysis of any domain’s backlink profile and a daily check of their SERP position.

Semrush is here to help you make content that ranks well without expecting you to be an expert. Its content marketing functionality helps you find topics that will attract your target audience and provides real-time metrics to improve the content you produce.

No matter what market space you occupy, you always want to be a step ahead of the competition. Semrush has built-in tools for traffic analysis of websites, tools for figuring out promotion strategies your competitors use, and tools that generate ideas to help you expand your market share.

The best way to monetize your content is to include ads on your site, and Semrush can help you find the best keywords for optimizing your pay-per-click campaign.

This tool also offers great social media support, with its scheduler for content posts and analysis tools that offer you better insight when it comes to your posts’ performance.

2. Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker

Ahrefs' Backlink Checker

This is a powerful tool that offers both a free and premium version. The great thing about it is how detailed its analysis system is. Metrics on either domain or page level are given for any website, and as such, give valuable information for SEO optimization!

Its toolset includes trackers for Ahrefs rank, domain rating, and URL rating; plus, it gives the number of backlinks for a website.

Powerful tools in the form of graphs give precise information about the decline and growth of backlink profiles, and with such an interactive view, one can gain useful insights to boost their status over time.

There is also a section that gives a complete and detailed rundown of a target’s backlink profile. You can see all pages linking to the target. Plus, you can do a detailed search and filter as well as sort by language, platform, many given ratings, and much more.

With 25 trillion known links and over 6 billion pages crawled daily, Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker ensures its clients have the best backlink database in the industry.

3. BuzzSumo


If you want to increase your productivity and improve your workflow, then BuzzSumo just might be for you. This tool is used by hundreds of teams, The Telegraph and BuzzFeed being the more famous ones, whose main goal is to ensure that their content is a success.

BuzzSumo’s discovery feature allows users to get a better understanding of trends. With geographic filtering and real-time results, one can make informed decisions on how to adapt the content to attract both old and new audiences.

Sometimes you can get stuck in a dry creative season, which might cause no new content to be made. With that possibility in mind, BuzzSumo offers a keyword search functionality that might wake up your creativity and help you get back on track with your work!

There is also the influencer search feature that identifies influential people that could help in boosting your brand. You can easily filter through the sea of influencers, be it by engagement, which would find those with the most likes and shares, or by the size of their influence; after all, they could be huge publishers or authors of niche blogs!

As for backlinks, it has a refined monitoring system. For every link, you get a notification, and you can regularly update reports which help for future projects.

4. Rank Signals

Rank Signals

A free tool used by the likes of Expedia and that promises its clients to help with the growth of their business. Rank Signals’ backlink checker is free, so definitely use it to get an advantage over your competition!

Its competition analysis tool allows you to identify your competitors’ best links, which has proven to be a very effective strategy.

Then there is the option of finding deleted and broken links so that you have the chance to reclaim them. You can also find “toxic” links which do more harm than good.

Its metric system gives a proper evaluation of your links’ value and quality, giving you the right information for your decision-making process.

Rank Signal has you covered in regards to social metrics as well across all the major social networks like Twitter or Facebook.


The backlinks game is a highly competitive one and for a good reason. The more backlinks you have under your belt, the more traction your website will experience. Luckily, as you saw, there are plenty of tools you can use for checking and managing backlinks.

Oh, and if you are a WordPress user and want to control external links, a plugin like External Links – nofollow, noopener & new window should be in your plugin arsenal.

All in all, to stay relevant and on top of the game, you need the right tools. Your success is in your hands, so you should choose wisely what will be the tools used for achieving your success. In the plethora of backlinks tools, we picked those trusted by major industry players.

Since you have made it to the very end of this article, we hope our picks will prove to be beneficial to your workflow and will improve your business.