In 2019 Google launched their URL shortener and showed everyone online how much power these tools have and what a huge difference can be made with a small change. We did know a bit about URL shortening before, but this tool took it to a new level. So, ever since then, the internet has been in search of viable alternatives and similar tools.

Since URL shorteners are a relatively new thing, there are many options out there that remain untested, and their quality cannot be verified. For that very reason, we’ve come up with this list. On it, there are more than a few options, all geared at different niches with their unique features.

So, do make sure to check out these tools as one of them is bound to work for you.

1. Privacy-Focused Short Links, Simplified takes the number one spot on our list because it’s both practical and multi-functional. This tool allows the user to simplify the URL shortening process by keeping all the information needed on a single dashboard. Information like top links, top refers, top countries, etc., is easily accessible and managed through’s friendly and straightforward interface.

Another great thing you’ll be acquiring if you decide on this tool is insight without compromise. What is meant by this is that your shorter URLs don’t have to be shady and collect user’s personal info in order to get you what you need. With this little helper, all of them will be fully GDPR and cookie compliant.

The Developer API feature allows for efficient link shortening as well as their management (an unlimited amount of them). All of them are going to be 100% secure as comes with a free SSL that uses HTTPS encryption to make sure there’s no eavesdropping or messing around by third parties.

You can also take full advantage of the real-time analytics that come included within this tool. Using them, you can see what works the best by monitoring different metrics like clicks, top countries, and referring channels.

If all of this sounds appealing to you, you might want to know that AppSumo currently offers at a special discounted price of $49.

2. TinyURL


TinyURL is a great tool for you if what you’re after is speed as well as anonymity. It will enable you to shorten your URLs to the max and remove long, inefficient ones entirely from your email marketing campaigns, social media, or anything else you might be doing. Once that’s done, TinyURL gives its users the option to monitor the clicks each link receives, and in doing so, gives plentiful insight into your audience and possible marketing changes.

Pair that with its powerful analytics tool, and voila, you have yourself one fantastic URL managing solution.

Another feature worthy of mentioning is branded and custom URLs. This feature enables you to create short links that still have your brand name in them. This is important because a branded link comes off as more trustworthy, and by proxy, so does your brand.

So, in essence, with TinyURL, you can shorten your links, put your name in them and monitor each one to truly harness their power and boost your business. The basic version of this tool is free, but as one might expect, it’s minimal and only allows for personal usage and access to your link history.

If you want to use this tool at its true potential, then you’ll be looking at one of the following three versions. The Personal version costs $7.99/mo and allows for 300 active links; the Pro version costs $29.99/mo and allows for 5000 active links. In case your business is even bigger and you still want the full ride, you’ll need to get the Business version for $199/mo that allows for 50,000 active links.

3. Polr


In case the two tools mentioned above are a little much for you, and you’d really prefer something simpler, then Polr might be the answer. By using Polr, you can host your very own URL shortener. However, it does require some technical knowledge. The tool itself is extremely simplistic and slick, so if you get it up and running, you should have absolutely no problem navigating it.

Once you install it and set it up, you are free to use it as it is, or if you wish, you can also change up the code to make it suit your needs better. After you are pleased with what you’ve got, you can use it to customize shortening permissions as well as create new and manage old links rather easily.

This tool is 100% free, and if you have some technical knowledge but are unsure if it will be enough, you can try out the demo. The demo can be found on Polr’s site, along with all the log-in details. That way, you can see whether or not you’ll be apt to use it.

4. Shorby


This recommendation might be a little atypical. But hear me out. Shorby is not your run-of-the-mill link shorter; it was created with Instagram users in mind. So, if social media is your main concern, especially YouTube or Instagram, this tool might be exactly what you need.

As you all know, social media content creators and influencers often update their bio link so that it points to any new content or social updates. Instead of doing that, Shorby allows the user to combine all of the important links they want to share on Instagram (or any other platform) into one fancy page, which will drive traffic and conversions. It also allows for tracking of your links and provides analytics for each click.

If this caught your attention and you want to up your social media game, then you can get a subscription to Shorby. The Rocket plan, which is the cheapest, costs $15/mo. However, if you want the analytics feature as well as other advanced features, that’ll cost you at least $29/mo.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article helpful and saw a URL shortener that works best for you. If you have any further questions or queries, feel free to leave a comment below.