Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most popular and highly used social media platforms globally, and almost every brand or individual has an active presence on the platform. With over 1.7 billion daily active users, Facebook has grown in popularity and has become a trending choice for marketers and business owners to promote their products and business.

Ever since Facebook has provided brands the opportunity to promote using the Facebook business page and make a cover photo, the brand’s customers have taken advantage. They started leaving behind their feedback and reviews of the brand on the page commonly referred to as Facebook Reviews.

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Moreover, displaying Facebook reviews on the website has multiple incredible benefits, including gaining customers’ trust, increasing engagement, and ultimately generating more revenues.

If you have a website on WordPress and wish to display Facebook reviews on your website, keep reading the post until the end, as we have mentioned the best Facebook review plugins that are free and easy to use. Let’s get started!

1. Taggbox Widget: Social Media Aggregator

Taggbox Widget: Social Media Aggregator

First on the list is Taggbox Widget: Social Media Aggregator, which is a fantastic user-generated content and social media aggregation platform. Taggbox Widget: Social Media Aggregator enables the users to collect easily, curate, and display Facebook reviews on the website. You do not need any technical or coding expertise to use the plugin, and it updates the content.

This platform offers many advanced features like customization to enhance the widget’s looks and make it more attractive by choosing their preferred layout, design, font, colors, etc. The advanced moderation panel of the platform allows the users to remove any unwanted content and maintains the topmost quality content.

Furthermore, the analytics feature of Taggbox Widget: Social Media Aggregator lets the users keep track of the overall performance of the widget, including crucial detailed insights.

2. Social Review

Social Review

Another free Facebook review plugin is Social Review. This plugin allows the users to select their preferred layouts from the given options. It also provides the users the opportunity to choose the review they wish to show and hide.

In addition, the users can catch a preview of the Facebook reviews widget before making it live on the website.

3. WP Review Slider

WP Review Slider

WP Review Slider is another plugin that is responsive and extremely easy to set up and use. It allows the users to select a slider according to their choice, and the slider would display the reviews. Also, the users have the option to decide on the number of reviews that they wish to say.

Finally, you can select from various template display options and choose their preferred background and layout choice.

4. Social Reviews & Recommendations

Social Reviews & Recommendations

If you are looking for a plugin that can display your page’s Facebook reviews in the form of a sidebar, then Social Reviews & Recommendations is the plugin you should use.

Plus, the plugin is SEO optimized, fast, and super responsive.

5. Feed Them Social – for Twitter feed, Youtube and more

Feed Them Social - for Twitter feed, Youtube and more

Feed Them Social – for Twitter feed, Youtube and more is another excellent Facebook reviews plugin that is easy to install and set up. The plugin allows you to add as much content as you want and is highly responsive.

In addition, you get a lot of customization options using Feed Them Social – for Twitter feed, Youtube and more. You can easily select your preferred color choice and font. Users can also easily use the plugin on all types of screens, be it desktop, laptop, mobile device, etc.

Benefits of Displaying Facebook Reviews On The Website

You must be wondering about the benefits of using and displaying Facebook reviews on your website. In this section, we have mentioned some of the incredible benefits of doing so.

  • It increases the dwell time of your customer
  • It makes the website more attractive and lively
  • It increases the engagement of your website visitors
  • It instills faith and confidence in your potential customers
  • It acts as social proof of your brand
  • It increases your conversions and sales


Facebook reviews work incredibly well to garner the attention of your users and to gain their trust. Embedding Facebook reviews on your website is a great marketing strategy to maximize your profits and business.

We are at the end of the post, and you are now well aware of not just the best plugins to showcase the valuable Facebook reviews left by your users. Still, you also learned about the critical benefits that displaying Facebook reviews has to offer to you.

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