In today’s marketing and business world, everything is a meter of growth. Growth hackers are technically oriented people who use this knowledge marketing. With the tools that we present below, you will have that power.

1. Hotjar


Hotjar is a fast-growing tool for hacking marketers. It is a tool that will collect data from users of your site and visually show you what users need and how they feel. It is GDPR and CCPA approved tool, and you can integrate it with the most popular platforms.

How this tool works:

Visualize user behavior, see parts and details of your page that capture the most attention from visitors. After running A/B tests, Hotjar can provide context that shows the user’s movement, clicks, and scroll during your test or experiments. It measures the user’s attention, so it will show parts where it drops. Use different devices to compare engagement and discover problems on your site running when switching between devices.

Moreover, it allows you to understand key user segments on your site by uploading custom data and filtering recordings by follower specifics; you will see why there is a failing in visiting URLs or problems with sign-up. Also, it will show you weak links and spots on your site and make you understand users’ behavior.

2. Zapier


Zapier is a tool that connects apps you use. You can easily integrate, link your web apps, share info between them, and speed up your build process. First, you choose a trigger and pick an action-meaning task that Zap will handle for you.

So, by connecting 1K marketing tools with Zapier, you will have one powerful automatization tool, a must-have for growth marketers. You won’t need any coding experience, and considering that marketing automatization is one of the essential skills for a growth hacker, this is “the” tool to use with filters that you can set.

Such as, automate your connection or setting filters to run Zap and allowing it to proceed with the task only when a proper condition is fulfilled (coding without code).

3. GrowthBar


GrowthBar Chrome Extension is part of your Google account. By running the usual Google searches, you will get SEO insights on your growth. Regarding Metrics, it will provide you with backlinks; you will see the website’s domain authority, Google ads, and Facebook ads.

In addition, GrowthBar is an SEO tool that uses OpenAI GPT-3 language model. It shows you any site’s keyword rank and allows you access to millions of keyword intimations, which keywords have deadlock scores and long-tail keywords in one exciting dashboard. You will need only one click to generate a summary of all content with titles, introductions, links, etc.

4. Leadpages


Landing pages are a “must” for growth hacking marketers, and one of the tools for creating them is Leadpages. It will connect you with the audience, compile leads that you can then track, and secure sales. With Leadpages, build landing pages and pop-ups or alert bars, and much more to help increase sales. Also, it will collect quality leads, and by conversion-optimized content, it will amplify the email subscription list of your page.

Run split tests and maximize your performance with real-time tracking options. This tool will turn your web traffic toward more leads and sales with conversion toolkits like Pop-ups, Alert Bars, Checkout Forms, and others. Also, there is an analytics dashboard, real-time conversion tips, and A/B test.

5. Fomo


Fomo (Fear of Missing Out) is a live social proof tool that increases sales with increased trust and credibility. It triggers your users’ fear of missing out on great opportunity to order and urge them to take action. You will have filters that you can use to automate, add fallbacks, and control the styling of elements.

With a template, rules transform data that you have as per your wish and liking. Page rules control where and what site visitors will see on your page. Refine settings will allow you to use your knowledge about your visitors to optimize 30+ controls or let Fomo use machine learning to optimize conversions on site.

Fomo will translate user experience based on location to a known language. You can also connect Google Analytics to measure clickable conversions and more than 97+ integrations. It is code-free, and after a 14-day free trial, choose the plan with the features you need.


Use any offered tools, become a growth hacking marketer and see your business shoot for the sky.