What Is Search Engine Marketing

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Search Engine Marketing (or SEM for short) creates sponsored advertising campaigns that appear in search engine results. Advertisers pay to target keywords depending on the search phrases of their potential consumers. When someone looks for something in a search engine, the words you search are called keywords.

Keywords are words Google or any other search engine uses to find you what you have been looking for. Advertisers target search engine keywords so that their ads will appear on top of your page after the search. That way, advertisers try to drive in potential customers so that they can generate revenue from them.

The Difference Between SEO and SEM


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is organic growth, and SEM is paid. With SEM, businesses pay to be on top of the search list, and with SEO, companies optimize their website to appear on top of the search list.

The best thing to do is to combine both SEM and SEO if possible. With SEO, you’ll edit your page and make other additions, and with SEM, you’ll use different keywords to help you stay on top of the search page. That way, you will get the most out of your advertising.

Why Use Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is an excellent tool for advertisers to promote their products or services to individuals searching for those same things. It helps with controlling their budget as well as growing their revenue.

SEM is also great for business to track their success and find out how to grow their audience. If you are not sure how to start with marketing your page and choosing the best keywords, a good thing to do would be to find a Search Marketing Company who will help you with that. That’s why below we have named our top five companies that we recommend.

Top Five Search Marketing Companies

1. KlientBoost


KlientBoost is one of the best SEM Marketing Companies with an excellent rating among customers. They assist businesses in scaling their strategy across numerous channels to generate more money faster and without sacrificing quality. Moreover, KlientBoost does everything and reports to you immediately.

You will receive comprehensive to-do lists to help you achieve your goals faster than ever before. They will also construct a high-performance engine for you to operate on your own. However, they’ll assist you along the way and make the whole process a lot easier.

2. SmartSites


SmartSites is an award-winning digital marketing company that will help you with your web design, SEO, eCommerce, and Search Engine Marketing. They have a great SEM advertising strategy and can increase traffic to your site by tens of percent.

Some companies have stated that their site traffic increased by 532%, while some reported even higher numbers, like 652%. SmartSites is ranked in the top 1% of digital marketing agencies. Their SEM professionals are some of the finest in the industry, combining performance with outstanding customer service and a track record of developing profitable businesses.

Furthermore, SmartSites’ technologies enable you to evaluate data better and make more informed decisions in less time. Their reporting is thorough and transparent, which aids in the discovery of actionable insights. Therefore, they are great for exceeding your marketing by having results you can measure and evaluate your progress.

3. WebFX


WebFX’s digital marketing specialists have created thousands of effective digital marketing programs for companies seeking to boost leads, phone calls, transactions, and quality website traffic. They are capable of doing the same for you. You may obtain a free strategy proposal and a game plan for exceptional income creation by requesting a free strategy proposal.

With their SEM management services, WebFX can provide a unique SEM campaign to assist you in boosting both conversions and income for your organization. In addition, they provide a platform or strategy-specific SEM services, such as Facebook advertising or retargeting your audience.

So, if you want to promote your work on Google (with search, display, or commerce advertising) or Bing, their SEM management solution provides all you need in an online ad management service.

4. Open Moves

Open Moves

Open Moves can help your ad campaigns reach new heights as a Premier Google Partner with over 200 years of team expertise. Paid Social specialists will create an effective paid media plan that spans the appropriate platforms.

Data is most important in our society. So, explore it, and it will unlock your audience’s fortunes. The Open Moves Company will find the appropriate purchasers and convert them into long-term clients. They will work with you to assess your current display advertisements and create new ones based on performance statistics rather than how appealing the picture or video is.

Moreover, Open Moves’ work helped their clients earn more than 100 million dollars last year. They achieved that by promoting their client’s businesses on Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other sites. Thus, it is a very profitable investment that will pay off many times over.

5. HawkSEM


HawkSEM is one of the best SEM companies out there. They work very thoroughly with clients and pay attention to every detail. They pay special attention to acquiring you and your business with the desire to get to know you better and present you to the world.

Then, HawkSEM proceeds to create a detailed SEM improvement plan for your business. They concentrate on the whole visitor journey, from pre-click to post-click, while utilizing tracking technology to attribute income back to specific keywords, ad content, landing sites, time of day, channel, and other factors. After that, they monitor your progress and make adjustments where needed. Combining those two make for a winning program that will make your business achieve great success and revenue.


Having an SEM is an essential strategy for developing your business. Along with SEO, they are vital to achieving success in the field of Internet sales. Most companies combine both, thus completing the most excellent effect.

There is a large selection of companies that are dedicated to just that. We have suggested our top five companies, but you can choose another one, depending on your preferences. When searching for the best one for you, you can find out about the experience of previous collaborators and evaluate which one you like the most.