WordPress themes provide choices for establishing educational organization websites and themes for individuals who wish to publish instructional stuff on their websites. So, whatever sort of online course-related project you’re working on, there should be an appropriate choice in its selection of themes.

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While each of these themes has a distinct style, including homepage layouts and templates for specific website pages, they are all compatible with at least one popular WordPress eLearning or online course building plugin. So in principle, it should make no difference whatever plugins you use with your selected WordPress theme.

Furthermore, many of these WordPress online course themes are pretty adaptable. So, if you see a website sample that is a good fit for your project but could use a minor tweak, you should be able to make those adjustments utilizing the theme’s capabilities.

1. Reptro

Reptro theme

Reptro was created mainly to assist you in transforming WordPress into an online course delivery platform. After installing and activating Reptro on your WordPress site, you’ll be able to design online courses, manage students, and use all other educational tools to build your eLearning platform.

Not only that, but if you choose the Reptro theme, your website will have a professional style and appearance that will help you attract more students to your classes.

2. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoss theme

BuddyBoss is a WordPress theme designed specifically for the publication of online courses. However, it works equally effectively to build membership sites and online communities for offering online courses.

So, BuddyBoss might be an excellent alternative for your website if you want to develop those sorts of projects or add those essential components to your online course platform.

3. Eikra

Eikra theme

Eikra is a WordPress education theme that is excellent for producing online courses. Moreover, the varied selection of demos in its package is suitable for publishing online courses with WordPress.

However, as this theme has an educational focus, the Eikra demos work best for schools, colleges, and other institutions that want to publish courses online, rather than individuals looking for a way to make their online courses available.

4. Course Builder

Course Builder theme

Organizations that want to publish several courses online should be interested in Course Builder. It is a well-known online course WordPress theme that may be used for various educational and eLearning applications. Since its first release, the Course Builder theme package’s pre-built content has grown, offering you even more homepage layouts and templates for your site’s inner pages to select from.

Furthermore, Course Builder is suggested based on these website demos for people delivering online courses, establishing corporate eLearning portals, and educational institutions looking to construct a learning management system for their students.

5. MaxCoach

MacCoach theme

MaxCoach is ideal for anyone who wants to publish their courses online. Rather than being a theme for educational institutions and organizations looking to post learning content online, MaxCoach is geared more towards people looking for their platform for producing online courses.

So, if you look at the MaxCoach samples, you’ll notice that this theme is ideal for life coaches, fitness trainers, and health coaches who require an online place to present their courses.

6. Eduin

Eduin theme

Eduin is a WordPress eLearning theme designed for course providers and educational organizations. You can easily select how you wish to greet new visitors to your website, as this theme comes with two pre-built homepage layouts.

Furthermore, all of the templates in the Eduin package, including the homepage designs, are very adaptable, and you can easily change the pre-defined layouts to fit your tastes. So, whether you’re building a site for a significant institution that offers online learning content or you’re a solopreneur with a course you’d want to market online, Eduin is suited for both.

7. Uptime

UpTime theme

UpTime is an Elementor-friendly WordPress theme for publishing online courses. Although every excellent WordPress theme should be compatible with the famous Elementor page builder plugin, UpTime and its templates were designed to use this tool.

Integration with Elementor allows you to open all of the pre-built content that comes with UpTime and begin modifying it using the user-friendly Elementor interface.

8. Edubin

Edubin theme

Edubin is a well-designed WordPress theme for online courses and education. It performs effectively for a wide range of learning websites due to a substantial selection of website demos focusing on online courses and teaching.

As a result, if you want to begin publishing online courses using WordPress, this theme will offer you a plethora of templates to guarantee that your information is displayed correctly.


WPLMS theme

WPLMS aims to give you everything you need to transform WordPress into a full-fledged learning management system. Although this theme is appropriate for someone who wants to publish one course online, WPLMS comes into its own when constructing something larger.

Therefore, WPLMS should be on your shortlist if you have several classes, more than one teacher, and a large number of students – or expect to in the future. While the breadth of this theme may appear ambitious, WPLMS has already sold over 20,000 copies, making it one of the most tried and proven online course WordPress themes available today.

As a result, if you want to utilize a theme that has been tested by a broad user base before opting to use it for your platform, this one has undoubtedly proven to be a popular alternative.


All of the themes on this list are fantastic, especially in terms of design and functionality. So please give them a go and let us know which one you prefer.

You may also let us know in the comments if you know of any other good themes that haven’t been listed yet. We’d love to add you to our list.