We can all agree that when developing a mobile app, the main goal is it benefits the users. Also, one of our goals should be to encourage users to use the most out of the app. The vital fact that we have to mention is also our communication with the users. We should regularly update them about the latest updates and news about the app.

So, this is when push notifications come in and save the day. Have you ever heard about this kind of notifications? Do you know what push notifications are? Let us explain it to you like you are three. Push notifications are a type of message that you can send to the targeted audience. These messages can include certain news, app updates, or even content relevant to that targeted group of readers.


As we have already mentioned, push notifications are an excellent way to communicate with your audience. But, what makes them so powerful? Further, we will tell you some of the crucial benefits that push notifications offer you and how they can improve your business.

Benefits That Push Notifications Will Bring You

Attract More Customers

By sending your customers real-time updates and news about your brand, you engage with your audience, even if they are not aware of that.

Based on plenty of surveys, users were more accepting of push notifications in 2017 and willing to receive them regularly than in 2015. Also, this means that sellers have the opportunity to create better communication with customers.

Increase Sales


This one is pretty self-explanatory. However, we have to mention it since push notification can have a very positive impact on it. By sending notifications to your customers regularly, you will awake a sense of urgency in them. Let’s say they have a specific product for a long time in their chart but still haven’t bought it.

Send them a notification that there are only a few left, and bam. Look at the magic happening. These were just a couple out of numerous benefits that push notifications can bring you. Further, let us present you few useful push notification tools that you can use.

Best Push Notification Tools For Your Site

There are dozens of push notification tools. But we will save you the trouble of picking and present you the top four best ones that you can find out there.

1. PushBots


With PushBots, send messages directly from your dashboard to any mobile application. This tool will let you choose your audience. And you can do that based on the specific device, username, geolocation, etc. The price for this tool starts at $29 per month, but we guarantee you it is worth the price.

2. StreetHawk


For StreetHawk, it is crucial to mention that the main focus is on the increasing lifetime value of a customer through its income and commitment.

Moreover, relevant analytics and A/B testing support each push notification to induce engagement. Also, the great thing is that this tool offers you a free plan. However, there are paid programs that and prices go on the request.

3. PushAssist


The crucial fact that we have to say right away is that PushAssist has powered over 14 000 websites and digital stores worldwide. However, this software is user-friendly and straightforward to use, even for beginners.

Also, this tool will allow you real-time tracking and even multi-site messaging. PushAssist offers a free plan. However, paid programs start at $9 per month and go up to $299 per month.

4. Catapush


When it comes to pushing notifications, Catapush is a real pro. As with our previous tools, this one will also enable you to track notifications in real-time.

In addition, you will receive stamps from Catapush for every message you send, read, or deliver. This tool offers you a free 12-months trial that you can use and test features.


In this article, you had an opportunity to learn more about push notifications. We told you about a couple of essential benefits they can bring you and how push notifications can improve your business.

Lastly, we listed for you the four best push notification tools for your website. Test them and pick one that meets your desires the best.