Website is a crucial part of every business. No matter what your business is about, people nowadays Google everything and rely on websites more than ever. Moreover, sites are there to poke interest into your audience, give them information, and boost your conversion rates. If you don’t have one, do you even exist in the digital world?

But, running a site is not an easy job, especially when you need to boost it up more with some plugins. There are thousands of plugins for WordPress, and picking the right ones can be a challenging task. That’s why we prepared you with this list so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of finding them yourself.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

The first tool that we recommend for your website is Yoast SEO. It is a game-changer in regards to SEO. If you are a newbie, we should probably tell you that SEO is one of the most crucial things for every site. SEO or search engine optimization is the way your site is optimized for search engines such as Google.

When a site is optimized, it will rank higher, which means more clicks, which leads to more conversion on your site.  Now back to this fantastic tool- with it, you can create fantastic content that is readable to your visitors and not hard to understand because it has the readability analysis option.

It also automatically adds structured data to your site. With that extra data, your site will be more noticed by the search engines. That way, your chances of getting caught will be much higher than without it. Besides, you can also view what your content will look like when it’s on search engine results.

Those things are what make the audience click on the link and open your site.  Finally, you can also boost your content by optimizing it for related keywords, which people use regarding your niche.

2. Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images


The second tool we have for you is Smush – Lazy Load Images, Optimize & Compress Images. There is no site without photos because we all know the good old saying – a picture is worth a thousand words. But on the web, there can be pretty heavy, which can be why your site is slowing down, or it takes ages to load.

That’s why you need this tool on your site, and it will optimize, resize, improve and compress your photos in a heartbeat. The best thing about it is that the pictures won’t drop their quality.  Smush will allow you to compress and optimize up to 50 images simultaneously with a single click.

You can also set a maximum width and height, and the tool will scale down all large photos as they are being compressed. Nevertheless, if any image has an incorrect size and slows down your website, you can quickly locate it with this tool and remove it.

3. MonsterInsights – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (Website Stats Made Easy)


One more crucial thing to your site is data tracking. So, MonsterInsights – Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress (Website Stats Made Easy is our third recommendation for you and your business. Without it, you are stuck. When you have insight into how your site is performing, you can grow and improve without any problems, and that’s why you need this tool.

With it, you can see what online campaigns bring the most conversions and traffic and how your pages perform individually. It is possible to customize, add, and manage the Google Analytics services with MonsterInsight right there on your WP dashboard.

Besides, you can see all the necessary statistics that are important to you, like bounce rate, and you can put tracking for an internal link, outbound links, and downloads.  It is safe to say that you can grow and improve your business in a heartbeat with this plugin in your library.

4. WooCommerce


The fourth tool that we recommend for you is WooCommerce. If you are looking for a tool that will allow you to sell your products online- here it is. And it is the best one for sure! It is possible to integrate it with WordPress, but you still get complete control of the functionality and design of your store without a problem.

You can sell anything that you want, different products, sizes, shapes, configurations, whatever you can imagine, you can sell it with this one.  It has options that any online store has, like putting free shipping or shipping items in real-time and different payment options that you can arrange, such as cash on delivery, accepting the majority of credit cards, etc.

Finally, there is no need to worry about a 3rd party platform taking anything from you since you own all of it.

5. Pretty Links – Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin

Pretty Links

The last plugin on our list is Pretty Links – Link Management, Branding, Tracking & Sharing Plugin. This little helper will help you track, manage, beautify and shrink any URLs that you want, no matter if they are on or off your WP site. You can create links the way you want them to be with your domain name in no time!

Yes, you can create beautiful links, but you can track every hit on your URL and see a complete detailed report about it with this tool. The information will contain where the click came from, which browser they used, os, and host.

It is a game-changing plugin for sure, and you can clean your affiliate links, track clicks from Twitter, Facebook email, and every social media platform. Wherever you post your link, you can follow it and see the hits.

Besides, with these reports, your marketing team will have a blast creating content. They will know where the users are coming from, where to target, and more. But of course, pretty links will drive more traffic than links that are a foot long.


Creating a website is a lot of hard work, but finding the right tool to help you elevate it is another thing. With all these tools that we provided you, you will not make a mistake by having them on your site.

They will help you with many different things, but their main goal is for your site to function correctly, look pretty, and drive more and more people to it.  Use all the benefits that you can get, and watch your business blossom.