Project management is quite tricky work since it requires you to keep track of multiple things, such as organization, planning, and following various procedures and policies. All of this is to ensure that the project will be done by the deadline and that you will still stay within your budget.

You usually need a whole team to work on a project to have it done on time. WordPress plugins for project management are a must-have for every team in marketing, social media, web development, and plenty of other businesses that require great organization. They are also used by individual workers, such as contractors or freelancers.

With these plugins, a project manager can also do quality control to check if everything is up to standard.

If you want to manage your projects right on your dashboard, WordPress really does have some amazing plugins to offer you. In this article, you will be introduced to some of the best. So, let’s check them out!

1. is a project management tool with plenty of amazing features and a great replacement for Asana; plus, it is simple to use since it is highly visual and practical. It is supported by WooCommerce and lets you link it to your WooCommerce store to check your orders and products and see if you can improve your sales in any way.

A calendar feature is also there to give you an overview of your project list. You can assign creators and limit project visibility. That way, only people in your organization can see what is going on.

An unlimited number of tasks, projects, and teams can be created, and you can collaborate with your team members based on their user level. Larger files related to projects can be uploaded easily.

Also, it is important to say that can be used as a mobile application, so your team members can see all the updates anytime and anywhere!

2. Panorama


Panorama is a plugin with amazing visualization that makes your projects easily trackable and clear. You get beautiful charts that simplify keeping track of your deadlines and tasks.

When you have many projects and you want to add a new one, Panorama makes it easier and quicker with its cloning tool.

You will get a notification whenever a deadline is approaching, so you will know when to bring your work to an end. Also, your projects can be split into smaller phases with tasks, documents, and discussions.

You can adjust your login and landing page however you like, add fields, colors, and logos. Plus, you can communicate with a person working on the same project via this plugin instead of using e-mails or anything like that!

3. WordPress Project Management by UpStream

WordPress Project Management by UpStream

This is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to manage your projects easily and right from your WordPress website. All your clients can easily track their project’s progress, which is very helpful. Project discussions can be started swiftly so everyone working on a project can chat with each other.

You can set milestones, mark bugs, and do much more. Many things can be customized, such as the fields and colors of your business. What’s more, you can add an unlimited number of users and projects.

The free version is amazing, but you can also use some premium extensions to upgrade the plugin and make it even simpler and easier to use. Some of the premium features are Calendar View, Custom Fields, E-mail Notifications, and more.

This is a great project management tool that will surely save you some money and give you absolutely everything you need to do the job the best you can.

4. Zephyr Project Manager

Zephyr Project Manager

Zephyr Project Manager is a free project management plugin that gives you an option to upgrade to a Pro version (which is even better). This plugin has a very clean and modern design, which makes it simple to use; plus, it looks great too!

An unlimited number of projects can be added to it. Its interface is easily customizable, and it allows you to add your logo and colors.

All projects can be seen and worked on in the WordPress dashboard, and you can add many details to each of your projects. You can also assign users, mark deadlines and tasks.

This plugin will save you some money indeed. With it, you can see an overview, tasks, discussions, and progress just with one click. The plugin really is something, and you should check it out!

5. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager

This is a WordPress project management plugin that offers you some amazing features. It is divided, so you get administrator features and client features. Administrators have complete control over user access, and you can upload files for each client individually. Also, you get an overview of past client uploads.

Adding staff, vendors, partners, subcontractors, and more is pretty easy. Users can create projects only if you allow them to. Clients can upload, delete, and rename files and search them by their name.

You get the Community version for free, and its features are great. Securing documents, personalizing e-mails, embedding media files from other websites, all that can be done easily. You get to share files in a very fast and efficient way.

Also, you can get a premium version. That way, you are given access to a pretty wide range of add-ons sold by the developers.

SP Project & Document Manager is a great option for every business. It can expand your current project manager, or you can use it as a primary tool. In any case, you will not regret it!


All these plugins are made to ease your project managing tasks, and they all have some amazing features to offer. Depending on your preferences and needs, you will surely find the right one among these amazing plugins listed above. Good luck!