If you have Simple Author Box installed on multiple websites, these tools will help you transfer the settings from one page to another. These tools are also useful if you need to reset your website, and don’t want to bother with adjusting the settings all over again.

How to access Simple Author Box Tools

In order to access the Simple Author Box tools, you should navigate to Appearance -> Simple Author Box -> Tools.

Export Settings

All settings are exported except license details. You can safely transfer (export and then import) settings between different domains/sites. Simply click on the button and save the exported .txt file to your computer.

Import Settings

Click on the “Select File” button to choose the previously exported file. Then click the “Import Settings” button that will import and overwrite all settings except license details.

Reset Settings

Click on the “Reset Settings” button to reset the settings to default values except for license details. There is NO undo, but do not worry – you will have to confirm the reset, so you can’t accidentally erase your settings.