Many of the sites we visit today have the option of live chats intended to support you by talking to the chat operator and finding out information about their services. There are many reasons to have a conversation online, and certainly one of the most important is the conversion of ordinary visitors into customers.

With the help of good live support, you can give visitors more information about the goods and services you offer, and thus encourage them to become your clients and customers.

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However, not all websites that have a chat are successful. In most cases, those websites are using software that does not offer the best communication options.

For this reason, we will present tools you can use to give live support to your website visitors via chat, live call, video call, or contact form.

1. is an excellent tool to develop real-time chat via voice call, text chat, and video chat. Inside the control panel, you will always have all the notes, history, and information about the conversation with the client. Furthermore, this tool is used by sales teams and customer care services that want to encourage ordinary visitors to become customers.

Since not everyone likes to communicate in the same way, offers several options for connecting with visitors. You can use regular chat, voice call, or to have a complete experience; you can connect via video call. Also, there is an option to have a video chat and text chat simultaneously.

One of the essential features of this tool is that you can see the history of conversations with clients at any time, whether it is a voice call, video call, or ordinary chat. This way, you can plan for further action and see how to turn visitors into customers.

If there is no one online who could give information to customers, that is not a problem. With the help of this tool, you can create a fantastic contact form that will allow potential customers to leave you a message even when you are not there. is a fully customizable tool whose design you can change in just a few clicks. Customize the look of the chat to the look of your site and give your users the best experience.

If you decide to purchase this great tool, an initial license called License Tier 1 can be yours for only $49 for a lifetime. You can even add up to 5 operators within this package and add unlimited sites; you will get 500 GB of video storage and seven days of video storage time.

2. REVE Chat


REVE Chat is another amazing tool for providing support and live chat with clients. This tool boasts many advanced options such as:

  •  Co-Browsing – allows you to share the content of your site or a mobile application to find the best solution and turn a visitor into a customer
  • Live Chat – you can talk to your visitors in real-time and improve your online sales and support
  • Video Chat – a great video chat module that allows you to talk face to face with potential customers and help them make a purchase
  • Chatbots – your site can always have an active chatbot that will give answers to visitors’ FAQs in real-time, thus help define the most common questions and satisfy each visitor
  • Multi-Channel Messaging – this great add-on allows you to support customers through other applications such as Viber, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram
  • Chat API & SDK – you can add chat functionality to your website or mobile app

However, REVE Chat is not just made for WordPress. This great tool can integrate into dozens of different software solutions, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, eBay, OpenCart, and many others. Moreover, from CMS solutions, you can integrate REVE Chat into WordPress, DNN, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and MODX.

You can get Reve Chat for as little as $ 13.5/per agent/month. You can even make the payment monthly, annually, or biannually.


If you want to improve sales and support on your website, you need a supportive chat tool. You don’t want to let your site visitors leave without buying anything. If they do, you essentially just put money in your competitor’s pocket says Kevin Crockett, a personal injury lawyer in Orange County.

Even if you can’t make every visitor a customer, you can increase the number of potential customers if you provide adequate information and help in making purchasing decisions.

We have listed two great tools to help you communicate with visitors in real-time chat and provide the requested information. Since they are relatively cheap and offer great options, whichever you choose, it will be a good choice.