You have probably noticed that Instagram businesses are almost entirely run by people who have a lot of Instagram followers, promoting the goods and services of other brands. One of the basic principles of making money from an Instagram business is that you get paid to represent the brands and products in a creative light, which makes a marketing campaign for itself.


Instagram has developed at the speed of light in recent years. It now has over a billion active users. Users were attracted to the changes that Instagram introduced almost daily. This is how business profiles, new tools, and much more were created. And one of the most popular innovations is Instagram video marketing. You probably know how much more attention users pay to the visual display, aesthetics, music, and everything video can contain. So it is no wonder how popular Instagram video has become.

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If you are interested in this topic, let’s look at some ideas together to develop the perfect strategy for Instagram video marketing.

Determine the topic

It is essential to focus on what you want to do to create a successful Instagram business. Of course, you cannot constantly present products to your followers or promote new products. There you have to make a balance and a combination. You must invest effort and time to create a good video marketing strategy on Instagram. In addition to the fact that today’s videos must look professional and you must constantly come up with new ideas, you must convey a message to your followers through the video.

This means that every published video must have some end goal. At the end of the day, every successful Instagram video you’ve seen tells a story. And for this to be successful, that story must reach your followers and their hearts. Remember that originality is most valued in this niche.

However, we know that we cannot always invent hot water. So if you’re starting out, it won’t hurt to repurpose some existing content. Of course, we’re not talking about copying here but adding something of your own to the video so that the audience remembers you and you get new followers. Compare what you would like to shoot and what the audience is looking for. When you find a combination, success is guaranteed.

Specify the length of the video

Instagram is constantly introducing new things when it comes to videos. So you can publish a video as a Story or video on Feed or Reels video. And each of them can have a different length. The latest upgrade that Instagram has introduced is that Story Videos can last as long as 1 minute. On the other hand, the video you post on Instagram can be as long as 60 minutes. Either way, it’s important not to confuse your followers.

We cannot say what the ideal video length is. But it is crucial that the video is well planned and edited and conveys the message to the followers. If you are presenting a new product, you can introduce many colors, more frames, etc. For a longer video – you can publish it in several parts to attract more users to watch that video.

Take care of high quality!

Although vintage images and videos are back in fashion these days, your posts must be of high quality. With the advancement of technology, AI video editing has become a reliable tool to ensure top-notch quality and seamless transitions in your content. And if you do product campaigns and advertisements – companies will not forgive you if you publish a video that is not of high quality. And it can cost you business as well as future campaigns. Also, your content must be convincing. It will not hurt to research and analyze what the audience wants and expects. Depending on the campaign, you need to determine what kind of video you will record and publish.

React and respond – always

Interaction on social media

Your guests will leave reviews and comments, but that’s what you’re there for. Don’t let a comment, review, or question go unanswered, which doesn’t mean you’re going to sit around and wait for it to happen. Be sure to take the time often to respond and respond to everyone who has communicated with you via Instagram in the meantime. If someone feels that inquiries and comments are being ignored, they will not return. Online reputation and quality of service depend more and more on this attitude towards guests and those who could become them.

Be instagrammable

Travelers want to see, not read.

It is not necessary to redesign the entire hotel or apartment. Instead, customize what you currently have. Showcase your unique selling point. This can be a unique view, the nature that surrounds you, a swimming pool, or a background on the wall, use them to their full potential as an ideal place for photography.

The video can be recorded at any time during the stay especially when it comes to millennials. These guests will often pay attention to details, symmetry in ordinary objects, and colors.

Final Words

Even the birds on the branch know that the importance of Instagram is unquestionable. Especially considering the pandemic, which left many guests and travelers at home with flat internet and Instagram looking for inspiration as soon as the restrictions are lifted, as was the case this tourist season.

Everyone was waiting for a low start. Promoting your offer using Instagram allows you to show users small moments in addition to swimming pools, restaurants, and decorated terraces and rooms. Countless things have a promotional purpose on Instagram as long as you tell a story, have a goal, and present yourself.