If you are a small business owner and want to make sure that your business keeps growing, investing in a good marketing campaign is a smart move. But when doing so, you want to make sure that you invest in a good solution and get the most for your money.

Online ads are a great way to improve your traffic and bring in more customers, but if you do not have your way of maneuvering them they can be a big waste of time and money and might also cost you your whole reputation.

In today’s world, a person receives “a thousand” ads daily. So you want to make sure that your ad is the one that stands out the most amongst the competition.

You need to attract people, but also make sure they stay a while and possibly remember you in the future. Every tool that can help you achieve at least one of these things costs money, and you want to make sure you are investing in tools wisely. You want a tool that can give you the most for a reasonable price.

Two women working together

Doing your research before investing in anything is always a good piece of advice. You want to be prepared for every outcome possible because you never know with certainty how the audience will react to certain content and changes. You want to keep your audience engaged and connect with them on a more personal level.

You can achieve that by sending emails from time to time. Another thing you can do is create surveys, this shows your audience that you care about their thoughts and opinions but also that you are devoted to making improvements and are serious about your business.

Advertising on search engines (search engine marketing – SEM) is the most popular type of advertising today. This type of advertising usually works using the PPC (pay-per-click) method which means you pay for each click your advertisement gets, and it is customizable.

We have already talked about banners and how big of an impact they can have in marketing. It is often said that this is the first type of online advertising. It entails creating highly customizable banners which will for sure catch the eye of a user and make them click, thus taking them to your webpage. But since we are flooded with lots of banners every day, the banners were replaced in great measure by social media marketing

That being said, in this article, we will be talking about the three methods that can help you maximize advertising campaign results.

Using Attention Insight

Attention Insight

Attention Insight is a tool created in Lithuania by a big team of marketers and developers. It allows you to see your design through the eyes of your users, do campaign testing, and much more. It is an algorithm-based product that allows you to see where most of your users’ attention goes. This means it can help you improve your advertising and bring in more users.

It has many useful features, but the most popular ones include:

Attention heatmap, which is a heatmap showing the concentration of users’ attention and the distribution of the most eye-catching parts of a landing page.

Clarity score, which allows you to measure how clear your design is.

Attention Insight clarity score

Attention percentage is the coolest feature. It calculates where most of the user views go and allows you to edit the objects that bring in the most views.

To use this tool you first need to purchase it. It does offer 2 free trial months, monthly, and also yearly subscriptions.

Currently, the tool is available for $59 on AppSumo as a lifetime deal. And to make a long story short, if you are a marketer or a graphic designer, trying out this tool is definitely worth it.

Being Creative

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We often link logos, imagery, or even sounds to a certain company or person. The reason for that is, businesses often use some type of logo, mascot, or font, to make themselves recognizable. So when advertising, you want to make sure you catch the eyes of users and make them remember you each time after seeing a signature element of your brand. Achieving that may not be an easy task, which is why many opt for logo design agencies to boost their results.

It is important to be creative, stay updated, and have refreshing content. Being consistent is not the same as being repetitive. Choose the content that will flatter your page the most and will make sense to your target audience.

Also, knowing your audience and what type of content they like is important. So before marketing to them, choosing your content creatively and wisely is crucial.

Mobile Phone Advertising

Woman looking at phone

This advertising method has had a big growth in the past few years with the rise of mobile phone use and app development which unlocked doors many didn’t even know to exist. Creating your own app is quite the pickle, but luckily, there are some quality app designing agencies to walk you through the process. So you should do your best to make your ad and website design mobile-friendly, or in other words, responsive.

A few years ago mobile ads were simple textual ads, today, this type of advertisement can be in the form of a video, image, or even banner. So without a doubt, this is another great advertising method, which will for sure bring you more users.


We hope this article was helpful, gave you more insight into advertising, and will improve your current advertising game. In conclusion, be smart with what you are investing in and what you are doing to stand out from the rest of the competition.