Lately, more and more companies are deciding to invest money in business software to thrive and improve their workflow. If you have trouble coping with a range of activities, it’s time to start using business management software to organize your time and tasks better.

Many different management tools are currently available in the market to meet other business needs. To clarify the operation of these tools, we will provide you with additional information below.

What Does Business Management Software Provide

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Since the name alone already casts doubt on what this software could do, the purpose of their creation is to help companies support, improve or automate their business. Business management software helps in the process of all business processes contained in one system.

The benefits you will need when choosing the best business management software solution are managing projects, tasks, time, documents, budgets, invoices, and costs. Also, the selected software should have a well-stocked dashboard that will provide users with insight into all options from sales to resource management.

To facilitate the selection and provide some instructions and guidelines, we have created a list of the twelve best business management software, which you can read more about below.

1. Scoro


If you are looking for a tool that has an all-in-one tool and is designed to help you manage your business, there is Scoro for you. It provides users with assistance in tracking the progress of the business team with the ability to share results on dashboards.

Cooperation in the digital workspace is also enabled, which makes it easier for teams to communicate. From now on, you can control work planning with precise tracking of time, offers, invoices, and bills, including the possibility of detailed reporting.

2. Slack


When it comes to communication as an essential element of business, there is Slack for you. This professional tool allows you to schedule your meetings easily, exchange daily messages with other colleagues, or have a conversation with a new employee.

Slack comes with various integration options with other applications that will provide you with new features. One of the possible features is the availability of different channels for teams and projects.

3. FreshBooks

Fresh Books

As an integral part of every company and business, we can highlight FreshBooks, a tool that takes care of finance and accounting. It is one of the best financial management software, with accounting features that provide a reliable solution.

With FreshBooks, you can create invoices and track costs and your team’s time performing tasks. It facilitates project management through a range of project activity management features, team chat popouts, or the ability to assign projects to specific members.

4. nTask


When it comes to the best project management software, then we will mention nTask. With nTask, you can plan, collaborate and track the performance of your projects, all in one place. It comes with some features that can help you in the business process.

Thanks to the option of using Gantt charts and timetables, performance tracking on your projects becomes flawless. You can use it to list tasks and assign those tasks to members, run team meetings with a native meeting management solution, and protect your projects from potential hazards.

5. TeamGantt


Speaking of using Gantt graphics, the ideal project resource planning software is TeamGantt. It is a tool that allows you to use Gantt charts to plan resources and projects.

You can add resources to tasks needed for your purposes while applying filters and identifying resource loads for individual tasks. The timeline provides insight into the actual situation, with a drag-and-drop option that allows you to quickly change according to the predicted activity schedule.

6. Inflow


A team of experts primarily created the Inflow tool to assist with inventory management, storage, and all other storage-related information. It is ideal to use as a business addition to manage inventory items and integrate with different barcode styles.

In addition, it offers chart-optimized inventory optimization, and detailed analysis of inventory order, input, and output information. Inflow also has a security system in case of computer memory loss or other unplanned situations.

7. HubSpot


The software you can use for marketing and sales automation is HubSpot. It offers a large selection of tools adapted to different needs and business conditions in the marketing segment. It is one of the best software in marketing activities to manage traffic, potential customers, CRM, and sales.

With it, you can follow the interaction with clients down to the smallest detail. It can be a potent SEO management tool to achieve the best possible results at the most optimal time.

8. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat

Software created to provide customer support based on the cloud, which assists in building experiences for new visitors. Teams in ProProfs Chat can connect more quickly with visitors in real-time for proactivity and tracking of visitors.

The tool segment, which includes creating detailed reports, helps companies gather useful visitor information that can significantly contribute to future support experiences.

9. Oracle


Oracle is a tool that offers a comprehensive suite of different cloud applications designed to provide functionality, security, analysis, and social collaboration to its users.

You can use Oracle to manage human resource management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), or supply chain management. It is crucial to mention that you can be sure that you will find everything you need in just one tool with Oracle.

10. Paper Tracer

Paper Tracer

If you need a tool to help you organize your documents, Paper Tracer is the ideal solution. Since storing, organizing, and managing documents is an inevitable process in any business, finding the perfect software is crucial if you want to ensure the efficient operation of a company.

Moreover, Paper Tracer is equipped with many exciting features such as creating a workflow, scanning new documents, dragging and dropping files, and overall automation of work for better productivity.

11. BambooHR


The whole process would be unthinkable if you do not have sufficient human resources to perform all business activities. BambooHR is there to help manage human resources and can also be used to manage employee profiles.

With regular updates of cloud databases, the security of your data is enabled. It is also possible to set employee permits in vacations, benefits, programs, seminars, etc.

12. Miro


In line with the current epidemiological situation that has impacted business for several years, communication, sharing ideas, and collaborating with colleagues have become challenging. Following all the above, we present you with a tool called Miro that facilitates this process.

It is a collaborative platform that allows team members to share ideas, plans and lead discussions about their thoughts directly on the board. Communicating with colleagues is no longer a problem with using mind mapping screens, pre-built templates, a large selection of widgets, and more straightforward chat options.


This way, we have provided you with basic information about tools that can significantly speed up and improve your business’s daily activities.

It is essential to note that you need to determine what your company needs and accordingly choose the best set of tools that will adapt to your business nature and the course of work of the current business processes.