Email verification and validation services use an address-by-address analysis to determine whether or not a list of email addresses is valid and deliverable.

Validation techniques used to determine the legitimacy of an email address include the email address syntax check, which removes improperly formatted email addresses, domain records check, which verifies DNS entries of an email address, disposable email address detection, which identifies “junk collector” emails, SMTP verification which pings the email address to determine the existence of the mailbox, and others.

There are hundreds of services online that will perform these tasks for you, and we have chosen seven services we think are the best on the market. In no particular order, let’s look at those services.

1. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is one of the most popular email verification services online. They verify invalid email addresses, bounce email elimination, key recipient demographics verification, and IP address validation.

Aside from this, ZeroBounce is GDPR compliant with a 99% accuracy guarantee. Features include a fast turnaround time of 1h for 100k emails, real-time API, CSV, PDF upload and download formats, customized services, duplicate email removal, catch-all detection, toxic domain detection, abuse/spam trap detection, etc.

Prices start at $16 for 2000 emails, with plans for bulk email verification starting at $390 for 100k emails. Prices drop the more email checks you buy, costing as low as $0.001175 for over 1m email checks.

2. Clearout


Clearout’s bulk email verifier is one of the top choices for marketers and an excellent alternative to Zerobounce. Clearout has the fastest turnaround time with an accuracy of 98%+ and is GDPR compliant. 

It verifies the status of an email address by performing 20+ comprehensive email validation checks including Greylisting Verification, Syntax Validation, SpamTrap Detection, Disposable Email Verification, MX Record Verification, Guaranteed Deliverables, and much more. 

One of the best features of Clearout’s bulk email verifier is its advanced catchall email verification, as it identifies whether a catchall email address is valid or invalid. It also provides a real-time instant and bulk verification API that integrates with all programming languages to validate the email address at the point of capture.It has flexible pricing options including pay-as-you-go and subscription-based options. Pay-as-you-go pricing starts at $21 for 3000 credits and $350 for verifying 100K emails. Monthly subscription pricing starts from $31.5 for 5000 credits. For an annual subscription, the price drops by 20% to $23.2 for the same 5000 credits. For 1M credits, the price per credit drops even further to $0.0011 per credit, providing significant cost savings. The credits do not expire and have lifetime validity.

3. Email Checker

Email Checker is very robust and accurate. It provides high-level dedicated server infrastructure, and flexible payment plans to meet all needs.

Features provided by this verification service include 99% accuracy, fast turnaround time, free trial with 50 verification credits, real-time API, CSV, and TXT file format, customizable services, bulk email checker, habitual complainer detection, bad domain detection, spam keyword detection, catch-all account detection, spam trap removal, dashboard, bulk API, professional 24/7 support, and others.

Pricing starts at $14 for 1000 verifications and $299 for 100k verifications. There are plenty of other plans that you can check out on their website linked above.

4. Emailable

Emailable web-based service enables users to easily upload and validate lists of email addresses with its reliable, accurate, and affordable validation services.

Mail server validation, email scrubbing, B2B and B2C email validation, domain health check, high-risk detection, 99% accuracy, duplicate email elimination, and bad syntax email elimination are just features offered by Emailable. Pricing starts at $30 for 10k validations with a free trial for 250 validations.

5. ListWise

ListWise stands for one of the best bulk email verifiers on the market. Its powerful SMTP validation tool helps clean up your email list.

As with other services, ListWise has plenty of features too, and some include 99% accuracy, fast turnaround time, real-time API, scalable services, bulk email checker, advanced syntax verification, mailbox existence check, role-based account detection, greylisting, high-risk email detection, autosuggestion, mailbox quota verification, and many others.

Pricing starts at $7 for 500 email verifications and gets cheaper the more email address verifications you buy. A free trial is also available for 100 email address verifications.

6. MyEmailVerifier

With a 98% accuracy, MyEmailVerifier is one of the best-rated email verification and validation services online. This service’s key features are a real-time API, user-friendly interface, fast turnaround time, customized services, duplicate email removal, catch-all detection, spam trap detection, risk email detection, etc.

Customer support is available via email and chat or via phone. Pricing starts at $2.4 and, as with others, gets cheaper the more emails you verify, with a free trial included.

 7. DeBounce

Having 30 integrations with email service providers, DeBounce is one of the most popular platforms with fast and accurate email validation. It uses a powerful data enrichment engine that will find the full name and avatar behind the email address.

DeBounce offers a bulk API validation engine, data enrichment, lead finder, email list monitoring, WordPress plugin, more than 100 total integrations, an easy-to-install JavaScript widget, etc. Key features include anti-greylisting, validation of hard-to-validate domains, automatic removal of duplicate emails, etc.

Pricing starts at $10 for 5k verifications and above. For example, buying 5m verifications will cost you $0.0003 per verification or $1500 in total. A free trial is available with 100 verifications.


This kind of service is very important for anyone trying to build a strong and reliable email list. These bulk email verification services ensure your email list is clean and valid all the time, which will reduce email bounce-back in terms of saving time and money.

Using one of these platforms and refining your email lists will provide you with better leads, boost conversions, and help generate new and better business. Consider the above-listed options and choose the one that fits your needs and budget the best.