In order to keep your site in a healthy state, you should always try to find new ways to reel in more and more visitors. The more traffic you have, the better you will rank on search engines like Google or Bing. That is why, you should always try to figure out what is trending right now, and believe us, your competitors know this as well. And right, now the trend is link building, so be sure to buy backlinks to your website

Speaking of competitors, they should not be seen as your arch-nemesis, but rather view them as motivation for companies to keep improving themselves for the better. If you had no competitors, then you would not know what is beneficial for your company and what could become counterproductive in the long run.

Don’t think that by paying attention to the competition you are stealing other people’s ideas and concepts. All of that is still considered a healthy thing to do because it pushes companies to always try and improve their approach towards their visitors and to what is trending on the market at the time.

Don’t copy what your competitors do but rather learn from them

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Well, you could copy some of the strategies that your competitors are using but don’t directly copy their content. Rather try to learn what worked out for them and what did not.

Essentially, what we’re saying is, learn from them so that you yourself don’t make that same mistake.

1. Quality content

Regardless if you are writing blogs or if you have a small informative site, the content that you are going to be creating on your site is the best tool to gain more visitors on a daily basis.

For that reason, you need to have high-quality content because that is going to be the thing that you are going to market to other people.

You don’t want to market things that are not that good. If people come to visit your site because they clicked on a low-quality content post of yours, they will be disappointed and will think that the site might even be a scam.

2. Social media

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Social media should be your go-to weapon for gaining more followers than your competitors.

It is actually not that hard to gain a strong following on some social media sites (like Instagram and Facebook). You just have to remember that you need good quality content which you are going to be sharing on such platforms.

You might be thinking to yourself that this will require a lot of your time, but on the contrary, all you need to do is create good content (which you should be doing already). And once you have it, then you just post the content on these sites and if people like it, they will share your posts and that will in turn generate even more visitors and subscribers.

3. Work on your site’s design

There is no point in marketing your site and content if the site itself looks bad. If people land on your site and they see that the site does not look aesthetically pleasing they will just leave because they might think that the site has been designed by a child.

Have a look-see at what your competitors are up to with their sites’ design. Not only your competitors but also check other sites which have a good following and popularity.

Try to figure out what kind of design is working for them and then try to recreate it on your own site. But of course, don’t copy the whole layout of their site. If you’re looking for a helping hand in performing these tasks, the smartest move would be to reach out to an experienced design firm.

4. Oktopost


So, remember how we told you that social media is important if you wish to gain more followers? Well, with this tool you will be able to simplify the whole process of posting on your social media accounts.

This tool basically allows you to share the same post on many different social media accounts at once (or at different times it all depends on you).

You can even schedule when and which posts are going to be published upfront so that you don’t have to think about that anymore. This will save you a whole lot of time, time that you could be spending on writing quality content or analyzing the market for new and upcoming trends.

5. SEO

If you pay good attention to the keywords that are needed to rank high, this can prove to be a critical strategy if you wish to do the same with your posts.

This is basically free marketing if you pull it off well. For that reason, you should analyze which keywords are used when writing a specific type of post or blog content in general.

6. Hotjar


With Hotjar you will be able to see exactly what and where your visitors have been clicking. This is very handy because not only will you see what interests your visitors, but you will also see which things don’t concern them at all.

You can then decide more easily which headlines are great and which are not so great. It also simplifies the process of deciding which things you should remove from the site.

Final thoughts

Always remember to create quality content. If your content is trash, then not a whole lot of people will be staying on your site and purchasing your products or services. Also, don’t forget to have a well-designed site that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Keep analyzing the market and your competitors, stay up to date with the current trends, and what is working out for your competition. That way you should come out on top in the long run!