Creating a marketing campaign that incorporates user-generated content is hard. But basically, you have 2 options when it comes to that.

Option number one, do everything yourself, from finding and editing the content to publishing it. This, let’s be fair, is a hard task to do when you have no experience. It is time-consuming, nerve-wracking, and so on. Even if you get the hang of editing videos, it takes a lot to create a great one.

The second option is hiring a marketing agency, which in all fairness, is very expensive. Yeah, they will do a good job, but is it worth it?

Also, besides user-generated videos, you need photos as well since using stock photos on your site can make it look bland and boring. So, why not use photos, videos, and reviews that your customers left about your brand/products/services? It’s innovative, personal, and on-brand.

What if we told you there are tools that will help you create user-generated marketing campaigns you always dreamt of? Well, it’s true, and we compiled a great list of them just for you.

1. EditMate


As the number one tool, we have the one and only EditMate. As its name suggests, it will be your editing mate through thick and thin.

It is a user-generated video marketing software solution that will boost your internet presence in no time! With this handsome devil, you will boost your social proof and brand affinity like a pro.

With it, you can ask your fans, followers, customers, and anyone else who had contact with your brand/business to upload videos. You can even upload already existing photos and videos to repurpose them in some way.

Don’t worry; people can easily upload videos using EditMate’s public uploader.

The uploader is optimized for mobile phones and can be white-labeled to go with your brand, including the URL and built-in terms and conditions.

When using it, you can simply send a personalized email from your dashboard and invite people to contribute to your project.

EditMate dashboard

People can upload up to 4 videos by entering the project’s hashtag and their email address.

You can also take advantage of customizable legal terms and conditions so that you can get permission to use the uploaded content in your marketing campaigns.

After you have collected all the necessary content, the collaboration process can start, which is just magical. You can review footage, rate videos, share them, write project briefs, and do much more all in one space without any hassle.

Also, if you are not quite good with video editing, EditMate has a global network of professional video editors. All of them were hand-picked and have at least five years of video production experience.


The second spot on our list goes to The idea behind this tool is very simple. You create your own hashtag and empower your visitors to use it with posts that are related to your brand. That way, you can increase brand awareness and create trust between your business and your customers.

The key is to keep your page fresh and updated with the latest content. For that, you can use user-generated posts and share them along with some great news from your brand. Simple and effective at the same time!

3. Yotpo


The next spot on our list goes to Yotpo, an AI-powered tool that has the ability of social listening. Basically, it is like having a personal spy just to lurk for the best content.

It will gather all reviews, visuals, and ratings connected to your business in no time.

You can use its visual marketing feature to combine videos, photos, and reviews and then publish that on your website.

Plus, it takes just one small click for you to get the rights to show user-generated content on your site.

4. CrowdRiff


Next, we have a tool that specializes in travel & hospitality topics – CrowdRiff. It is a great tool for creating trust between you and your local and global visitors.

It uses an AI solution that will detect the best visuals, which will work perfectly for your brand. Keeping your brand on track and investing in it is always a great plus.

It also allows you to post user-generated content on your page and social media channels. You can even use the tool to create ad campaigns with the content that it gathered from your customers.

Calls to action are also available, and you can add them to your UGC imagery. That way, you will take people even deeper into your website or to your booking pages, partner websites, etc.

5. Stackla


Lastly, we have Stackla, a powerful player when it comes to the collection of social content. It can collect data from any social media platform and use it for geotagging and visual recognition.

This tool has an AI platform that recognizes patterns using something like a machine learning process. That way, it gives you predictive recommendations on what people would be interested in. With that at your disposal, you will definitely crush the marketing game in no time.

Stackla has an organic influencer solution using which you can easily find, motivate, and engage with your best advocates. In other words, you will be able to create a loyal community of people who will provide you with high-quality and authentic content for your brand!


To conclude this article, we must say that having a tool that will help you with user-generated content is a must. By using their photos, videos, and reviews, you will give your audience a voice. They will feel empowered and important, and that’s something that every brand should strive for.