Over the last decade, videos have become an important part of content generation and marketing. They are, without any doubt, the best possible tool for attracting an audience and getting ahead of your competition.

As time passes, it is becoming clear that web content and digital marketing are leaning towards the use of videos. Numbers are confirming this, and according to many studies, almost 50% of marketers and online businesses use YouTube, buy Youtube views, and use Facebook for video content distribution.

Video watching makes up almost one-third of all online activity, not to mention that videos are projected to account for around 80% of all internet traffic starting from 2019.

We don’t want to bother you with numbers anymore, but it is clear from all this that videos are something you have to take advantage of while you are in the process of starting or maintaining your business/career. And to make that happen, you need video editing tools. For that reason, we will now present you with some of the best video editing tools that will make your content look professional and stunning.  

1. Wave.video


This unique tool is something you have to try if you want a high-quality video editor. Wave.video allows you to create and edit videos dexterously, making the whole process the easiest thing ever. It offers more than 200 million media assets, and on top of that, you get reliable hosting for your marketing campaign.

Among all the things this tool offers, you can find over 1000 predesigned video templates in multiple formats, as well as handy search filters that help you select the best fit for your industry.

While editing, you can use your brand colors, fonts, and graphics, together with over 30 video layouts. You can also choose among different collages, frames, color gradients, borders, etc., giving you the ability to create the most professional-looking videos.

This software provides you with an auto-captioning toolkit powered by advanced speech recognition technology. This, together with many other options, assets, and customizable landing pages, enables you to end up with high-quality videos, using minimum effort, which can boost your campaigns and content.

2. Vimeo


Vimeo is an app that can be considered a veteran in the field of video editing. After so many years, it is still one of the most famous and most used video editing tools in the world. And there are many reasons for that!

With it, you can easily customize your videos to match your vision (especially useful if you are an artist or are in urgent need to present your work in the best possible way). It also offers many templates, a huge library of stock content, the ability to customize colors/fonts/layouts, and so on.

Using this software, you can easily connect with your audience and publish videos on all social media. You can also monetize your videos and view analytics, so you know how your videos are doing on Vimeo and other platforms.

This is just one part of the story; you can learn and experience more once you start using this handy app. 

3. Animoto


Animoto provides you with powerful features making video editing as easy as ABC. While using it, you can explore a rich stock content library filled with over one million photos and videos that will have what you are looking for every time. Also, you can upload your own photos and videos without a hitch.

This software is compatible with all browsers, and you can log in from a Mac or a PC.

You are provided with a cloud-based editor that makes sure your videos are safe. And with Animoto, you can select a song from the music library and add it to your videos.

Many more features and options await you when you launch this app and start working on your videos with it.

4. Blender


Blender is yet another awesome video editing tool. It is a free and open-source 3D creation suite.

This tool provides you with great features, such as a powerful rendering engine for the best experience possible.

When using Blender, you can start by doing a set of basic actions like video cuts and splicing. As you get more experienced and become a better video content creator, you can move towards more complex actions like video masking and simulations.

All in all, this is an easy-to-use and flexible editor able to serve both inexperienced users and professionals.

5. Shotcut


Shotcut is a free, open-source, cross-platform video editor able to satisfy your needs when it comes to good video editing. With Shotcut, you get wide format support, native timeline editing, webcam capture, audio capture, support for 4k resolutions, color, text, noise, and counter generators, together with many other amazing features.

One thing we must point out is that Shotcut doesn’t require the import of your videos into the editor itself, meaning that it can save you a lot of time when dealing with large video files.

This editor will allow you to create rich and unique content; plus, it is free and doesn’t require additional upgrades. 

6. Clipify


Another handy program you have to try is Clipify. This powerful yet easy-to-use video editing software caters to the needs of beginners and professionals alike. It offers a wide range of tools and features to create marketing videos quickly and effortlessly.

In addition to an intuitive user interface and one-click tools, it also includes advanced features such as chroma key, color curves, and stabilization. Enhance your videos with 150+ effects and filters, 50+ transitions, 450+ stickers & callouts, and a music library with 200+ soundtracks.

Besides the ability to trim and merge clips, add text and captions, fine-tune audio, and perform color correction, you can also capture webcam videos and record voice-over narrations. And you can do it all without a steep learning curve.

Easily share your Full HD videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and other social networks to connect with your audience.


Quality video content is a thing of great importance, but video editing can be tricky and hard to handle sometimes. That is why you are free to use tools like Wave.video. It can help you do your job in the best way possible and can turn you into a great video editor.