Starting your own business usually comes with many obstacles and many segments you have to take into consideration. For a good start, sometimes your ideas and dedication are enough, but to maintain and grow your business you will need more than that. Some of the things we are talking about here are colloquially known as desk management.

Desk management consists of different branches and tasks in every company including invoicing, accounting, payroll, human resource management, and customer relationship management. As you can notice, these branches are not connected directly to your product and main job, but they are an essential part of each business and if you fail in managing them successfully, then the whole business is going down together with you.

If you are running a small business or you just started your entrepreneurial adventure, then hiring people for each branch of desk management is probably not something you can afford. That’s why software and many online tools were developed with the purpose of helping you fulfill your business obligations.

Unfortunately, many of them lacked in different aspects, for example, some tools are good for accounting and invoicing, but lack in HR, or CRM, and this can be frustrating. It also shows how hard it is to combine various parts of your business into one tool.

Eventually, some tools were able to successfully overcome these obstacles, and the most famous of these is Zendesk.


Zendesk quickly became a leading piece of online software intended for successful desk management and better customer relationships. It is one powerful and flexible tool, that is constantly upgraded, and meets every criterion for most businesses. It offers many integrations and different options thus representing the perfect combination of every aspect that makes up a business.

But no matter how famous and good it is, the story of Zendesk comes with some less favorable details. Mostly the problem is with the price tag.

If you need only the basic functions of this tool, then you can get it either for free or for a small price. But if your needs surpass the basics then the price can be spicy, and this could create some problems for you. Because of this issue, it is good to have some alternatives in mind, and we will now present to you the best ones you can find.

1. Deskera


Definitely a top alternative for Zendesk, Deskera offers everything in one place. No more need for dozens of tools for each aspect of your business. This platform is an award-winning one and we cannot express enough how easily you can use it to combine every business process in the same time and space.

Deskera allows you to manage accounting, inventory, invoicing, payroll, sales, and HR from your desktop or even mobile app. We know that this sounds like a utopia, but this really is the case. Deskera is one full-featured platform using which you can: collect invoices, pay your employees, calculate your taxes, and have the ability to create a network of customer information, all with a few clicks.

On its dashboard, you will have everything in one place, you can view invoices, receivables, bank balances, and tax calculation. Plus you can check the performance of your sales team more effectively and see how much revenue they are bringing in.

The Books module allows you to manage multiple jobs and tasks with unimaginable simplicity. You can also send your invoices with ease via your phone and laptop, with included automated templates, or templates of your own.

With this platform’s online CRM, you can manage your sales and support processes easily. Also using this app, you can become better with timing, scheduling, and statistics.

Deskera offers more features than any other alternative, allowing you to save your time and to concentrate on other things. So if you want to improve your services at a cheap price, then Deskera is something you need.

2. Zoho


Zoho is one unique and powerful tool that was developed by experienced people in this industry. Zoho enables you to run your own business with more than 40 integrated applications, helping you manage, connect, and automate an entire business.

This app does an amazing job of combining every tool you need for your business processes. With this software, you can close more deals, gather information more effectively, and even empower your workforce with apps that make it easy to achieve collaboration.

Zoho also solves all of your troubles with accounting, making everything run smoothly, and thanks to its human resources apps you can focus on your people in better ways. All in all, Zoho is one alternative you have to keep in mind.

 3. QuickBooks


Another great alternative, QuickBooks is among the best online accounting applications you can find. It is easy to use, perfect for small businesses, and has a good design. It serves a variety of users, has a good interface and navigation.

QuickBooks stores all your data online in the cloud, basically allowing you to run your business from your laptop, or mobile phone. You can track your sales, money flows, and invoices in one place. Also, with this tool, you get better business insight and the ability to collaborate with your advisors especially when you need to settle your tax reports.

This app offers hundreds of add-ons and integrations for a better user experience, together with comprehensive payroll support. So the bottom line is, you will not make a mistake if you try this app.

4. Xero


And last but not least, Xero is yet another functional and reliable alternative for Zendesk. It is good in many areas, especially with accounting and data imports. It has had many additional improvements over the years, especially in the field of reports, projects, and document management.

It was developed to manage important data like direct feeds from banks, software applications, and financial institutions, meaning the data stays untouched by humans once it enters the Xero system.

This app gives you one functional dashboard for better control of every aspect of your business, and it comes with a tremendous security system, made of strong access controls and measures, enabling the tracking of who does what.

In a nutshell, Xero is a tool you can trust when it comes to important issues related to accounting, tax payment, and bank transactions.


Desk management is way too important to be ignored or to be done with a small amount of determination. It is sensitive and often vulnerable work that each business needs to do in good fashion, and with a trustful tool. A tool like Deskera that combines everything in one place, using which you get simplicity and efficiency for a small price, compared to other similar tools.

Successful management of your taxes, invoices, human resources, and other business processes is extremely important, so feel free to use tools like Deskera if you want everything done in the right way.