For your essay to be completely perfect, the grammar must be at its best. Even throughout history, it was considered that an essay cannot be successful if the grammar is not correct. When we consider some writers we admire, we can realize that the grammar was not ideal, and perhaps their ideas would not be conveyed in the right light.

Today, technology is significantly represented in our lives. Its development contributed to making almost every segment of our daily life easier. Well, it’s the same with grammar. You can find many professional editors or apps online that will check the grammar of your essay.

A proofread essay is always required. Whether you are a student, a writer, or need a document for work – it must be proofread. First of all, no one will consider working with grammatical errors. And in addition, you will improve your reputation and skills, and you will be sure that you do not need to be ashamed of your work.

Proofreading is not only necessary for essays – it is a must-have for every possible document. Whether it’s an essay, resume, seminar paper, or report – proofread the document before sending it. Proofreading brings many advantages. This way, you will be sure that someone can read your essay fluently, that all mistakes have been corrected, that the ideas are explained in the right way, and that your work is not plagiarized.

Let’s look at a few free online proofreading tools.



You write many different types of content, both professional and personal, and everything you write must communicate your message and be error-free. However, it is difficult to copy the text into a separate tool that will help you with this. But with Grammarly, you have no more excuses. With the click of a button – ok, several buttons – you can install Word and browser add-ins. That means you can run the tool on anything you write in a browser—product reviews, social media posts, and even online dating profiles—as well as what you write in Word.

The next time you type, you’ll see the Grammarly icon in the text box. As you write, the tool immediately (life) checks your writing and highlights all your mistakes in red. You also see a red circle with the number of errors displayed in the text box. Great content means writing for your readers and what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re writing a research paper for your graduate degree, you’ll be writing in a different tone than you would be writing a social media post.

Users’ favorite part of Grammarly is how much you can customize its comments. Just click Set Goals and then click the settings you want to use.

Paper Rater


One of the more powerful proofreading tools is Paper Rater. And as we emphasized, it is absolutely free, and you can use it online. In this way, you will further improve the quality of your content.

How does Paper Rater work? Upload your document and start editing. After that, click on Get Report or Advanced Report. Best of all you can choose the author’s education level to make the statistics better and more customized. You can choose the level of education from the 1st grade of elementary school to the postgraduate level.

Final Words

We hope that even before you understood how crucial document proofreading is. We have listed two of the most common choices among users when it comes to proofreading tools. The market for such tools is expanding every day, so the choice is enormous. We have no doubt that you will find a proofreading tool that will suit you and your needs.