Brand monitoring plays a vital role in any brand-related business. Simply put, brand monitoring is a process of searching for mentions and conversations related to your brand on different online platforms.

Monitoring your brand can provide you with a better understanding of your target audience, help you distinguish your brand’s weak and strong points, and even find new marketing opportunities for your business to expand on. Using brand monitoring tools, you can easily help your brand grow in no time.

Below is a list of the top seven brand monitoring tools you can use today.

1. Brand24


Founded in 2011, Brand24 quickly became one of the leading brand monitoring tools on the market. This monitoring tool collects publicly available data from a variety of sources, including:

  • Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter
  • Different blogs and forums
  • News and reviews sites

Furthermore, with Brand24, you can get insights into different brand monitoring data. For instance, you get data on the volume of mentions and even the most active Twitter mentions where your brand keyword is used.

In addition to that, you can get a list of trending hashtags based on the collected data and use them to boost your social presence even further.

2. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a brand monitoring tool that delivers immense monitoring data collected from over 90 million sources. Custom-made reports segment huge amounts of data and deliver easy-to-analyze reports you can use to advance your marketing campaigns.

In addition, Brandwatch can be set to search for specific terms far back as 2010, thanks to its extensive historical data. This monitoring tool also gives you access to a reporting platform with live data reports and real-time notifications. Plus, Brandwatch gives you deep insights into your brand, mentioning extensive data yet narrowed-down marketing reports.

3. BrandMentions


Although it is relatively new to the scene, BrandMentions offers comprehensive monitoring data on every mention on the internet, including brand mentions on blog posts, review pages, etc. Not only can you monitor your social reach but the reach of your competitors as well. This is a guaranteed way to get precious insight into their target audience and possibly convert them to be your new customers.

Other notable key features are:

  • Detailed sentiment analysis
  • Real-time notifications and alerts on any brand
  • White-label report scheduling
  • Coherent social and web listening

4. Mentionlytics


Mentionlytics is a social media management and monitoring tool that tracks product or brand mentions on the internet. Compared with other social media monitoring tools, it offers greater analytics, intuitive insights, and easy-to-understand proposals that will help your online presence.

Also, Mentionlytics allows you to monitor your competitors’ brands and social engagement. This data monitoring tool also provides a Social Media Report Builder, which you can use to create professional and custom-tailored monitoring reports with easy-to-read insights.

Using this tool, you can create three types of reports:

  • Top Mentions report – report that gives insight on the top mentions related to your brand
  • Share of Voice Report – comparison report between your brand and your competitors’ brand, depending on the targeted keyword
  • Influencers Report – report based on Influencers” mention of your brand on their channels

5. Mention


Mention is another social media monitoring tool that is most suitable for mid-size and larger-level brands. Its user-friendly interface is clean and intuitive, with a detailed analytics dashboard. Mention’s dashboard contains all the helpful metrics such as sentiment analytics, reach, and even gender metrics.

One of the critical features of this brand monitoring tool is the real-time search across various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and non-social platforms and websites. That way, you are guaranteed to stay up with the real-time mentions of your brand.

6. Keyhole


Keyhole is a social listening and analytics tool that listens across various social platforms to deliver real-time monitoring data. Moreover, you can generate reports with one click and use that data to create a comparison between your brand and that of your competitors. One of the most notable Keyhole features is the Influencers Dashboard.

On the Influencer Dashboard, you can find a list of users with relevant data such as:

  • Number of shared posts associated with your brand keyword
  • Influencers followers number
  • Domain ranking
  • Average engagement

With Keyhole, you can also create intelligent custom alerts, which can be based upon a specific time, a spike in a particular social activity, or when a mention with a negative review appears.

7. Falcon


Last on our list is Falcon. Falcon is a social listening tool that tracks all mentions of your brand.

With Falcon, you can:

  • Get unlimited search queries
  • Get historical data (goes back up to one year)
  • Filter and view your collected data with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder
  • Recognize and associate different influencers that are using mentions related to your brand
  • Get automatic alerts about negative mentions

Falcon can be an excellent choice for your brand development if you search for an all-in-one tool.


Brand monitoring tools can significantly improve your brand recognition and build a better connection with your targeted audience. By now, you have a better insight into different brand marketing tools, and we hope that they will be helpful for your business.