Content attracts attention and is one of the critical things to pay attention to when creating a website or blog. More recently, you can consume content in various ways of articles on social platforms. As technology changes for years, the amount of content generates accordingly. Now all the necessary information is available in a moment.

Writing on a laptop

However, it also has its disadvantages. This speed of movement, advancing technological items, and digital world can often lead you to incorrect content. Regardless of all marketing tools you can use to enhance your content, low-quality content can also reject readers in many situations.

Thus, many site owners often look for authors who will provide them with excellent content according to their wishes. If you have problems with finding an adequate staff for this job, try using a tool or program that can make it easier to choose the process of new authors for your website or blog. Below we present you with several options you can use.

1. WriterAccess


The first one we will mention is a platform called WriterAccess. As you can already recognize in the name, the purpose of this unique platform is to enable the discovery of freelancers or authors. To be able to access the authors, the same people need to log in to the website.

You can connect to them in many ways, either through the search option, call, or using AI. The existence of advanced searches allows you to make a selection by skills, texts, topic, or activity to precisely choose whether the chosen person is a blogger, journalist, or maybe a writer. In addition, with the use of the AI option, you take searching to a new level.

So, you can search writers using popular keywords and even optimize full content. Moreover, WriterAccess encompasses a large market of writers with excellent knowledge in a variety of fields. The services provided by writers on this platform are all activities related to creating good content, from the initial phase of research to the stage of editing that content, all the way to translation and proofreading.

Also, the platform provides a high level of customer service and professional assistance to all clients. Clients can set the desired number of words, give detailed instructions, and the like. It offers you the ability to access over 200 million images from related programs like Getty Images or Shutterstock.

Furthermore, you can get all this for a relatively low and affordable price, without the need for additional costs. However, what may be a problem is that most communication occurs between the writer and the client, and there is no third party who could help if a misunderstanding occurs.

2. Solved


Solved is a platform backed by professional writers with a wide range of quality content writing services. Whether it’s blog posts, articles, or guides – everything is available. Access to the platform is effortless, and all you need to do is visit the official website and create an account. After that, the search for writers can begin!

The platform’s goal is to provide exciting and quality content that will directly affect the expansion of the audience. In addition to mastering your needs, requirements, and themes, writers focus on creating a new experience by giving your content a personalized touch. The content is based on SEO, with a previously comprehensive search and collection of information on a given topic.

In addition to content-related services, this platform offers complete SEO management services with a wide range of options related to this segment. As an already sufficiently experienced company, Solvid has created fixed prices for all writing services, which initially give you an insight into the final amount of money needed for your project.

3. Scripted


Another platform with a similar purpose is a platform called Scripted. Scripted was created on an online platform that facilitates the process of contacting writers or finding customer support. After joining the platform, users get several benefits in developing new ideas for blogs and the like.

Services you can find include scripts, various blog posts, press releases, and many social posts. It requires customers to pay a monthly membership fee as a basic package, and for those who need more services, there is a premium package with an annual contract. In addition to the membership fee, clients have to pay the price determined by the writer for the required services, which can sometimes reach high amounts.

The advantages of Scripted can be seen in the simple process of defining tasks, a large selection of quality writers, free ideas for new members, and guaranteed quality of the ordered content. Scripted also offers clients to reduce their choice to the same writer to create a better relationship to ensure continuity and quality.

4. Fiverr


Fiverr is a platform that provides services to employers to find writers for their projects. It is possible to create meetings between employers and freelancers. Also, you can contact freelancers in three different ways, learning about their skills.

Moreover, through this platform, it is possible to find any service or product you need, categorized into 12 main groups, at a starting price of $5. The most commonly required services are designing different logos, writing various contracts, and even hiring assistants. We will note that all transactions of a financial nature are protected from misuse, and all communication between sellers and buyers is secure.

5. Express Writers

Express Writers

Another platform worth mentioning is Express Writers. This platform brings together a community of writers with a chat option, inviting other guests to share information and trends in copywriting and marketing. To access the platform, you need to fill out an account creation form.

After that, you have access to various services, from creating marketing copies, press releases to managing content on social networks. The processing time of required services depends on the project, the level of expertise, and the complexity of the content while the price range depends on the different types of content you need.


Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough money to hire a permanent writer or author who will provide readers with good content. In these cases, try an option like using writing service platforms based on your preferences.

In this article, we have introduced you to just a few different platforms that offer additional services. WriterAccess, as one of the options, offers many possibilities and, with a base of over 15,000 freelancers, reaches an enviable position among related tools.

Before choosing help through such platforms, it is essential to decide what you need these tools to provide you, whether the price is necessary, qualified professional writers, or high-quality content placement.